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Welcome to Inner Sight/ILE’s beautiful new website. As you will note from a quick glance at our Tree of Life logo above, we embrace and celebrate the notion that to know one’s true Self is to know the Universe. Ancient Mystery Schools around the world taught this knowledge through powerful rites and practices which gave initiates direct access to their own inner knowing, and it is in this spirit that we at Inner Sight/ILE offer our blogs, forum commentaries, whitepapers, notes from the editor, podcasts, webinars, newsletters, books, consultations, workshops, smart-phone and web-based applications and flower essences, etc.

The founding members of Inner Sight/ILE were Tara (McKinney) Faulkner, Janet Morrow and Doug Wilson.  The fortuitous meeting of Tara, Janet and Doug in 2008 in the tiny, alpine village of Whitefish, Montana, inspired a collaborative, magical mystery tour of exploration into the deeper recesses of human experience and meaning. Together, we meandered through the landscape of psychology, politics, pop-culture, economics, quantum physics, religion, spirituality and the esoteric arts, including astrology, tarot, runes and the I Ching. Out of this collaboration, Inner Sight's earliest incarnation was organically born in April, 2009, with a mission to help facilitate the collective awakening of humanity through an interdisciplinary, whole-systems approach to the cultivation of knowledge.

Isha Lerner joined the Inner Sight team in the Summer of 2011 when Isha's company of twenty-five years duration, Isha Lerner Enterprises, merged with Inner Sight (see We've Merged!), forming Inner Sight/Isha Lerner Enterprises. Here at Inner Sight/ILE, we (now minus Doug Wilson and Tara Faulkner) embrace the notion that we live in a quantum world of profound interconnectedness where everything is intimately intertwined with everything else: As Above, So Below. In particular, we celebrate the courtship and inevitable marriage of science, spirituality, psyche and soma. On a related note, we advocate a calling forth and reclaiming of balanced forms of both feminine and masculine principles in the world at large. Consequently, we see our work together as equally about the quality of our relationships and the process of growing together, on the one hand, and accomplishing the goals set forth in our business plan, on the other. We strive to be and become what we envision, write about and create.

We believe that ancient divination systems work because they are microcosmic reflections of the greater macrocosm described above. More and more, the tools associated with divination are being used by ordinary people interested in eliminating the middleman and accessing their own innate wisdom, directly. Divination is going mainstream and high-tech and Inner Sight is an integral part of that forward movement.

We invite you to explore our site. Start a conversation with us in our Blog and Forum sections, where you can read all about us and our adventures in understanding who we are and why we're here, or dig into issues on a more academic level in our Whitepapers section. Find out how we came to love the I Ching, tarot, astrology and other divination tools. Share in our adventures collecting the beautiful flower essences we offer on our site.

Explore the Help section to get answers to your technical questions. Use our web-based and/or smart phone-based divination applications to get answers to your life questions! And be sure to check back with us for the new ideas and wonderful applications we'll be posting on an ongoing basis.

Inner Sight aspires to the following principles:


Feminine Principles               Masculine Principles

Wide Angle Lens                      Telephoto Lens 
Process/Means                         Product/Ends
Both/And                                   Either/Or 
Egalitarian/Collaborative           Hierarchical/Authoritarian 
(Bottom Up)                              (Top down) 
Win/Win (Limitless)                   Win/Lose (Limited) 
Intuitive/Emotional                    Rational/Intellectual 
Systemic                                   Linear 
We/Us                                       Me/Mine 
Context/How                             Content/What 

These are universal principles that are omnipresent at all
levels and apply to both individual and collective behaviors.

Although both are essential, the goal is to bring balance
between them and consciousness and discernment as to
their application.

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