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Cosmic Calendar: The Latest
Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

 Whatever is currently happening in your life, the Daily Cosmic Calendar can help you to put it in perspective. I am excited to offer you my cosmic forecasts with the Reach for the Stars daily aspects. I will be perfecting this feature soon. Thank you for visiting…Warmly, Isha Lerner

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April 18th, 2015: New Moon in Aries Harmonizing to the Tune of the Moon
April 18th, 2015: New Moon in Aries Harmonizing to the Tune of the Moon

After a long period of cosmic heaviness, you may begin to feel a lightness of being, a sense of exhilaration, as if you’ve awakened to find yourself listening to your favorite music.


Reach for the the Stars
with Isha Lerner

Karma, Relationships, and Flower Essences 

With Isha Lerner

For thirty plus years I’ve been doing astrology and tarot sessions for clients of all ages, from many counties, and from a multitude of backgrounds, and hands down, the most commonly asked questions involve relationships, love, romance, and marriage.

Through the continuum of working on my own relationships, and currently observing my three adult daughter’s relationships, I am compelled more than ever to ponder karmic relationships and the mystery of love. As I age, while honoring that wisp of wisdoms that come with experience, I ask, what are the cosmic circumstances that pull us together? How may we proceed with greater love for self and others?

I like the term cosmic glue, cosmic justice, and cosmic order. Life is full of sticky stuff, it isn’t always fair, and it can seem very chaotic at time. However, by placing ‘Cosmic’ in front of each term, it’s easier to appreciate the bigness of life and the huge mystery our existence is placed within. 

Isha's Blog
Isha's Blog

Astrology Reports

Learn more about yourself and the people in your life through these fascinating astrological interpretations. All reports are detailed and easy to understand, each with its own uniquely informative lens. Titles include: Asteroids, Astro*Talk, Child Star, Just For Women, Lunar Return, Solar Return Predictions, Opportunities, The Sky Within, and our most popular, Friends & Lovers.

Featured Consultations

Consultations with Isha Lerner

Isha Lerner
Isha Lerner

Isha is an internationally-acclaimed astrologer, best known for her groundbreaking work related to karmic imprints and past-life astrology (Power Mapping). She is also highly-regarded for her expertise in Flower Essence healing and Tarot interpretation.

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This is a recreational universe. Your ability to play in it is limited only by how much you can appreciate. - Deepak Chopra

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