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Cosmic Calendar: The Latest
Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

†Whatever is currently happening in your life, the Daily Cosmic Calendar can help you to put it in perspective.

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New Moon in Aquarius
New Moon in Aquarius

Every new moon is a partnership blessing. A new moon rises and sets with the sun. They share the same ecliptic longitude. The moon and sun are so close at this time that the moon is not visible in the night sky. The sky is darker, yet this creates a perfect opportunity to see other celestial bodies. Itís an invitation to expand oneís vision, to see things one has missed, to perceive things as they really are.  

Reach for the the Stars
with Isha Lerner

Isha's Blog
Isha's Blog

Astrology Reports

Learn more about yourself and the people in your life through these fascinating astrological interpretations. All reports are detailed and easy to understand, each with its own uniquely informative lens. Titles include: Asteroids, Astro*Talk, Child Star, Just For Women, Lunar Return, Solar Return Predictions, Opportunities, The Sky Within, and our most popular, Friends & Lovers.

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Isha Lerner
Isha Lerner

Isha is an internationally-acclaimed astrologer, best known for her groundbreaking work related to karmic imprints and past-life astrology (Power Mapping). She is also highly-regarded for her expertise in Flower Essence healing and Tarot interpretation.

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How can I give to others something I feel I have no right to myself? - Pathwork Lecture #129

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