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Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

The Daily Cosmic Calendar, created by Mark Lerner, is an astrological "energy update,” detailing the energy the planets are exerting HOUR by HOUR as you move through your day. Whatever is currently happening in your life, the Daily Cosmic Calendar can help you to put it in perspective. It's a great service.

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WED  APR  23 It would be great to report that the cosmos has finally come to its senses and that all is well and good – with inspiring rainbows showing human mortals the way to that elusive pot of gold. Quite the contrary seems to be in the offing since feisty Mars retrograde in Libra is kicking up sand again by opposing Uranus in Aries (12:09AM) while also squaring Pluto in Capricorn (6:39AM). It was one thing for Mars to fly in the face of regal Jupiter yesterday via a sharp, 90-degree sky pattern, but to rile up radical-change agent Uranus and underworld-ruling Pluto within 6 hours of time today is to put large numbers of people into potential accidents waiting to happen. Do all in your power to be sensitive and gentle with dear ones on the skids. Drive defensively and say no to temper tantrums or egocentric behavior. Mercury in Taurus (2:17AM) can give you a boost in gardening, cooking, baking, arts and crafts. [This planetary shift remains in effect until May 7 with Mercury moving at top daily speed.] Meanwhile, tensions and confusion abound due to the Moon in Aquarius entering a void cycle at 9:12AM (during a square to Saturn) – with this limbo uncertainty zone lasting until 11:56PM when the lunar orb bathes in Piscean waters. It doesn’t help that the Moon parallels Neptune (10:27AM), Mercury forms a frictional, 45-degree link to Chiron (5:27PM), and Venus makes a contra-parallel to Uranus (7:38PM). Think along more compassionate, soulful lines overnight as the Moon in empathic Pisces combines forces with an inspirational, 72-degree rapport from Mercury to Jupiter (forming exactly at 1:20AM tomorrow).

THU  APR  24   It may be a little too soon to shout from the rooftops that the recent stellar conflicts are at an end, but some of today’s fortuitous alignments are pointing in that general direction. The early hours appear promising across the board – courtesy of a high-minded, 72-degree liaison between Mercury and Jupiter (1:20AM) while the Moon in Pisces in a 60-degree, supportive tie with the Sun in Taurus (7:15AM) provides a good-sized dose of physical and emotional revitalization. Remember that it was Mercury (on April 14) and Jupiter (on April 20) that each made several adversarial aspects – magnifying the potential discord of those time-periods. Now they act as though it never happened by reaching across the zodiac in a thought-provoking 72-degree contact. Enjoy explorations in the fine and graphic arts, music and dance improvisations as the Moon unites with Neptune (11:50AM) and parallels Venus (3:02PM). The latter sky pattern can rev your romantic engines. However, focus attention on safety and security measures while Venus forms an off-kilter, 150-degree link with Vesta (12:04PM) and keep your emotional cool when the Moon parallels Mars (8:40PM). Maintain a steady hand if you need to deal with evening business matters since Venus trines Saturn in water signs (10:16PM). Insights inundate your consciousness as Thursday night morphs into Friday morning as the Moon makes a flowing trine to Jupiter (11:55PM).

FRI  APR  25  Try to accomplish as many important errands and tasks in the early hours today. The reason is that the Moon will make a hearty and soulful union with Venus in Pisces (1:04PM), but this terrific conjunction also starts a fairly long void-of-course lunar cycle that lasts until 3:02AM on Saturday. Healing forces are certainly back on the march as the Moon unites with and parallels Chiron (3:45AM and 9:50AM, respectively). Anytime a parallel aspect forms close in time to a zodiacal alignment, it adds a robust essence to the celestial bodies involved. Don’t be surprised if feelings of déjà vu or being out of step with chronological time prove overwhelming. Chiron often behaves as a catalyst – vaulting humans into a fifth dimension that the great Rod Serling named The Twilight Zone. During tonight’s void Moon uncertainty cycle, the Sun unites with Mercury (8:28PM at 6 degrees of Taurus) in what astronomers call a Superior Conjunction. This occurs approximately every 4 months and reveals Mercury, moving at top daily speed, on the far side of the Sun – creating a Mercury-Sun-Earth line-up in the solar system. The eminent astrologers Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar referred to this type of cosmic alignment as a Full Mercury. Human souls are now exceedingly eager to open their minds to ingenious ideas – where some of these ideas can eventually flourish, eventually become thriving entrepreneurial ventures on Earth. If you have the time and feel the inclination, choose a partner to dance the night away as the Moon in Pisces can give you happy feet.

Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Daylight Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.

Suggested remedy: Glacier Lily flower essence invokes a willingness to share one’s true natural gifts with others…

Cosmic Calendar Highlights - April 2014

Cosmic Calendar Highlights - April 2014

The Daily Cosmic Calendar, created by Mark Lerner, is an astrological "energy update,” detailing the energy the planets are exerting HOUR by HOUR as you move through your day. Whatever is currently happening in your life, the Daily Cosmic Calendar can help you to put it in perspective. It's a great service.

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Highlights of the April 2014 Cosmic Calendar

By Mark Lerner

This year began with an exceedingly rare Capricorn New Moon on January 1 conjunct Pluto. This was the first time in 247 years that the "birthing" of the calendar year included both a New Moon and that solar-lunar merger uniting with the traditional ruler of the Underworld. Now this mysterious, secretive planet is poised to stop its direct motion in Capricorn on Monday April 14 (within 8 hours of this month's highly dynamic Full Moon), begin a five-month retrograde cycle, but also make the fifth of seven squares to Uranus (Monday April 21). Therefore, if it starts to appear to you that there is a whole lot of emotional, psychic, and spiritual shaking going on this month, you shouldn't be surprised.

Right off the bat, the first three days of April reveal titanic forces at play as the Sun first squares off with giant Jupiter (April 1), makes its annual union with eccentric and radical-change agent Uranus (April 2) while also managing to fit in a square to Pluto (April 3). It isn't easy to get your bearings -- for business as usual, daily errands, and important meetings -- when the mighty Sun is hobnobbing with the likes of Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in less than a 50-hour time-span.

Tuesday April 8 comes up as a highly significant day since the asteroid Pallas -- so closely identified with problem-solving, strategy sessions, innovation, genius, engineering, computer technology, DNA, weaving, and the Father's Daughter archetype -- shifts out of reverse in Leo on the same day that the Sun in Aries opposes the red planet Mars (retrograding in Libra). Thus, a key celestial resource connected to knowledge and wisdom (Pallas) attempts to uplift our lives while a Sun-Mars polarity warns earthlings to "play nice" on the relationship front and avoid reckless behavior that can undermine usually solid partnership bonds.

If you are looking for two of the most provocative four-day sequences of this year (or any year, for that matter), circle the following days in red in your personal calendar: Sunday April 13 - Wednesday April 16, and Sunday April 20 - Wednesday April 23. The enlightening Full Moon of Aries-Libra takes place early on April 15 and it is magnified due to its being a Total Lunar Eclipse. This annual solar-lunar crescendo -- energizing Aries and Libra -- is often known as the Shamballa Festival in esoteric groups and spiritual communities world-wide, where the Will-of-God is recognized as guiding and illuminating the Earth's higher destiny. However, there are so many other solar, lunar, and planetary alignments happening between April 13 and 16 that you will need to be really focused and alert to handle the intense vibrations sweeping into humanity.

Fast forward just a few days later to April 20 - 23 when another round of spectacular and yet irregular and discordant alignments are upsetting the normal flow of events – possibly putting the kibosh on plans and activities set up weeks or months earlier. Over the four-day time-span, you will need to contend with Jupiter square Uranus and opposite Pluto, Venus conjunct Chiron, Uranus square Pluto (the fifth of seven 90-degree aspects, starting in 2012 and ending in 2015), Mercury conjunct Juno, then Mars square to Jupiter, opposite Uranus and square to Pluto. There are quite a few other mischief-making sky patterns happening during these four days that add to the uncertainty and yet profundity of April's influence in all of our lives.

Eventually -- before we escape the clutches of this upheaval-oriented four weeks in the fourth month of 2014 -- an Annular Solar Eclipse/New Moon of Taurus enters the scene, late on Monday April 28. An "annular" solar eclipse has the two lights lined up in space from the Earth's perspective, but the Moon is a little too far from us to completely cover the disk of the Sun. Therefore, a ring of sunlight appears while the Moon blocks out most of the Sun's radiance. Nevertheless, the good news here is that the final two days of April (while still holding on to some cosmic anomalies and malevolent planetary behavior) can witness a renewal and stimulation of your urge to take a great leap forward -- in the creative arts, business affairs, and as a savvy entrepreneur.

Overall, April 2014 may be the most challenging month of this year, but if you can weather the storms in the psychic atmosphere and anticipate any problems that need to be resolved ahead of time, then your faith and trust that you can handle life's pressures can increase in a substantial way as May enters the scene.

Copyright 2014 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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