Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

 Whatever is currently happening in your life, the Daily Cosmic Calendar can help you to put it in perspective. I am excited to offer you my cosmic forecasts with the Reach for the Stars daily aspects. I will be perfecting this feature soon. Thank you for visiting…Warmly, Isha Lerner

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March 28th and 29th…the weekend….

Continue to flourish in the soothing energy of Cancer moon. If you are reeling from old emotion..that's ok, too. This is perfect time to clear the energy of the past. It's our monthly cycle to do so. The water is of great benefit; the ocean, lakes, walks along the shoreline, a bath, a hot tub, all offer opportunity to tap into the unconscious, mystery, and the contours of feeling that run through our veins. Skillful pleasure in communication all day long with a moon trine to Mercury at 2:55 PM and then be watchful in the evening with a moon square Mars. This is when anger erupts without warning, especially if there are buried and unsaid fragments of frustration. The moon will move into sunny Leo at 10:48 PM. I always see the shift from the Cancer moon to the Leo moon as a sunrise coming out of the ocean. 

March 29th Sunday

It's Palm Sunday leading up to the festival of Easter. Whatever religion you practice or spiritual preference…if you are like me and so many of us…all the beautiful days of celebration carry some sort of special meaning if we find the roots of its origin. According to various sources, the name Easter has its origin with a goddess of the Anglo-Saxons named Eostre (also Estre, Estara, Eastre, Ostara, and similar spellings in various sources). It is believed that she is the goddess of the dawn and was worshipped in the spring by pagans in Northern Europe and the British Isles. In The Two Babylons, Alexander Hislop claimed Eostre is actually a name derived from the Babylonian goddess Astarte. Hislop extended this connection to include goddesses from around the world: Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Venus, and others. And so it is a glorious day of feast and celebration. In preparation for this enlightened energy, we are given an opportunity to purge, cleanse, and release all that may be blocking the progress of the new cycle of life. 

March 29th, Sunday, is a beauty day for sharing. With a moon trine Saturn in the early part of the day 8:14 AM the day starts with clarity and hopefully a reconfiguration of emotional clarity and needs. The Leo moon will trine the Sun in Aries at 4:40 PM offering passionate balance between the male and female energies, bringing harmony within the totality of Will and Personal Balance. A thriving energy is available as we prepare for Mercury's movement into Aries on Monday. The fire within is crackling. 

March 27th Friday

Were in a first quarter moon cycle with a Sun/Moon square between Cancer and Aries. This is the productive energy of the moon's cycle when the momentum for growth occurs. The tension of the 90 degree angle tugs and pulls at the core of life's inspirations and it's important to persevere. Think of yourself as a plant; seeded, rooted, and now pushing upward toward greater light. The blossoming time will come...caring for the foundation of the plant is most important at this stage. Nurture, tend to, and apply a great Will toward life's quest. 

A dreamy sort of morning turns into an active afternoon and evening. Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Leo will square off this evening…take the time to discern what you truly need and let the rest go. Pay attention to the old adage, "Take what you need, not what you want."Give excess away and share. Also, the Moon will square Uranus as well, and these two planetary duos offer enough Grist for the Mill to keep you occupied and, hopefully  at pace with inner growth. Pace yourself to avoid anxiety. Have a beautiful day and evening. 

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