Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

The Daily Cosmic Calendar, created by Mark Lerner, is an astrological "energy update,” detailing the energy the planets are exerting HOUR by HOUR as you move through your day. Whatever is currently happening in your life, the Daily Cosmic Calendar can help you to put it in perspective. It's a great service.

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THU  OCT  23  The solar shift each year from Libra to Scorpio occurs usually on this day or October 22. It is a real power-house and intensity-enhancer as Scorpio – the eighth sign of the zodiac – has a reputation for willfulness, tenacity, and the capacity to endure various types of ordeals. The Sun enters Scorpio at 4:58AM and this important solar dynamic is followed by Venus parallel Neptune (8:59AM), a void lunar cycle in Libra happening from 10:23AM to 2:11PM, the Moon parallel Neptune (1:03PM) and Venus (1:42PM), Venus entering Scorpio (1:53PM) until November 16, plus the Moon joining forces with Venus (2:13PM), the New Moon (2:58PM and activating 1 degree of Scorpio, along with a Partial Solar Eclipse 12 minutes earlier at 2:46PM) as well as the monthly Moon-Pallas union (5:56PM). When so many major cycles and alignments occur in a short time-period, you need to be as logical and wise as possible to avoid taking unnecessary detours and missing the opportunity to make significant gains across the board. Except for the nearly 4-hour void-of-course lunar condition, the other sky configurations carry various types of creativity, artistry, and soulful insight. With three more quintile, 72-degree heavenly links occurring tomorrow – to add to the four that energized earthly conditions yesterday – and with an imagination-boosting trine from the Moon to Neptune tonight (11:30PM), the universe is providing you with a vast portfolio of aromatic celestial seasonings.

FRI  OCT  24  If you are sensing some big changes about to occur on the horizon, your intuition is spot on. Tomorrow brings the first Sun-Venus conjunction since January 11 as well as the official Mercury turnaround into forward motion following a three-week retrograde cycle. Before those two events become reality, today’s astro-psychic agenda looks dazzling in a very favorable way. With the potency of the Sun and Venus entries into Scorpio from Thursday at your beck and call, three inspirational, 72-degree aspects provide a wide variety of revelations. Mercury makes the first of these 72-degree connections with the red planet Mars (2:00PM) and this is followed several hours later by Sun-Jupiter (7:10PM) and Venus-Jupiter (8:23PM) 72-degree sky configurations. This trio of divine harmony gives you plenty to crow about in your favorite arts, crafts and hobbies. In addition, business and professional matters have a rosier glow than usual – although with Mercury still retrograde you don’t want to leap headlong into agreements and long-term contracts until you feel that the coast is clear from the astrological perspective.

SAT  OCT  25  Welcome to a major transition day for many reasons. As already indicated in this calendar yesterday, the Sun merges with Venus at 2 degrees of Scorpio (12:32AM) while Mercury finally leaves retrograde status by turning direct at 17 degrees of Libra (12:20PM). The previous Sun-Venus conjunction occurred back on January 11 and Venus was in reverse. Today’s alliance is known as the Superior Conjunction of Sun-Venus (from an astronomical viewpoint), and the Earth, Sun, and Venus are lined up in the solar system. One could call this a Full Venus – as it was named by the eminent astrologers Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar many decades ago. Love vibrations are definitely on the rise and you need to channel them with care and wisdom. In the meantime, all Mercury themes are enhanced as the Messenger of the Gods planet escapes from retrograde motion and, although virtual motionless all of today, begins picking up some daily speed over the next few days. Mercury connects with communication, learning and primary education, words and language, transportation and travel plans, business and trade, messages and paperwork, health and medical concerns, the five senses, air and breathing, wind and temperature changes, as well as apparent acts of magic, sleight of hand, and theft. Nevertheless, other astro-factors are trying to intrude their presence into this Saturday’s stellar performance. The Moon in Scorpio is void for a little over 12 hours – from 9:12AM to 9:41PM when the lunar orb enters upbeat, fiery Sagittarius. It is during this uncertainty zone that Mercury makes its shift and as the Moon forms its monthly union with productivity-enhancer and nutrition-monitor Ceres (8:22PM). Later on, once the enthusiastic Sagittarius Moon vibes have taken hold, Venus unites with Pallas (10:37PM) – providing a shining light of problem-resolution during the overnight psychic atmosphere.

SUN  OCT  26  Hot on the heels of yesterday’s whirlwind – composed of Sun-Venus and Venus-Pallas unions, the Moon joining forces with Ceres, and Mercury leaving behind its recent retrograde movement – you now have the red planet Mars seeking some extra human attention. This key planet of personal will, courage, passion, and athletic prowess enters Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation (3:44AM) until December 4. Focus more attention on novel ways to invigorate career and professional plans that may have been languishing in the shadows. Just a little over five hours after Mars energizes Capricorn territory, the Sun catches up with Pallas to unite with this remarkably brilliant asteroid (8:49AM at 4 degrees of Scorpio). Pallas is not only associated with problem-solving and strategy sessions, but with enhancing the immune system and being a central agent on behalf of engineering, city planning, high-technology and computer gaming, as well as weaving, needlepoint work, and seeing patterns that are often invisible to normal human sight. Research and in-depth studies don’t have to be boring under this solar illumination of Pallas. Board, card, and word games top the charts. The continuing transit of Sagittarius Moon also provides a burst of energy for sports and outdoor adventures, weather-permitting. Investment planning, fellowship meetings, and sisterhood gatherings are encouraged due to the monthly union of the Moon with Vesta (4:14PM). Keep building on your forward momentum later tonight as the Moon trines intuitive and outside-the-box, eccentric Uranus (10:23PM).

Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Daylight Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.

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Cosmic Calendar Highlights - October 2014

Cosmic Calendar Highlights - October 2014

The Daily Cosmic Calendar, created by Mark Lerner, is an astrological "energy update,” detailing the energy the planets are exerting HOUR by HOUR as you move through your day. Whatever is currently happening in your life, the Daily Cosmic Calendar can help you to put it in perspective. It's a great service.

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Highlights of the October 2014 Cosmic Calendar

By Mark Lerner

The tenth month of 2014 begins with the imperceptible slowing down of the speediest planet in our solar system – Mercury, the ancient Messenger of the Gods. By Saturday October 4, Mercury will be virtually motionless in the fixed-water sign of Scorpio, and shifting gears from direct to retrograde motion. As most beginning students of astrology learn rather quickly, Mercury makes three reversals in every year – with each one lasting approximately three weeks. The current one will continue until Saturday October 25, and Mercury will retreat into airy Libra from October 10 to November 8.

While many people believe Mercury retrograde is bad and negative, the truth is that Mercury or any planet and asteroid going in reverse is really empowering itself by moving in counterpoint to the always, forward-moving Moon and Sun. Therefore, apparent retrograde motion is a solar systemic mechanism – as perceived by our humanity on Earth – that allows various celestial bodies to “re-energize their own archetypes, themes and qualities,” temporarily away from the constant watch and influence of our two lights, the lunar and solar forces that affect us so potently all the time.

Of course, it is wise during any Mercury reversal to be extra careful and cautious when it comes to mercurial matters (such as communications, paperwork, health and medical concerns, travel plans, business and trade), but that is not because Mercury is to blame; rather it is due to human beings not slowing down to review, reflect, and re-evaluate what’s been happening in their lives, relationships, and work experiences since the previous Mercury retrograde cycle.

Beyond the Mercury phenomena this month, you want to be on high alert during the Libra-Aries Full Moon (October 8) and Scorpio New Moon (October 23) as the Full Moon is also a Total Lunar Eclipse while the New Moon is a Partial Solar Eclipse. Any solar-lunar union or polarity gains extra power when an eclipse is present. Furthermore, we could designate October’s Full Moon as Uranian and October’s New Moon as Venusian. This is the case because the Sun makes its annual opposition to Uranus the day before the Full Moon while the Moon conjuncts Uranus just an hour before the Full Moon takes place. At the Scorpio New Moon just over two weeks later, Venus – approaching its every 9.5-month union with the Sun – places itself into a triple conjunction with the Moon and Sun. The bottom line is that October’s enlightening Full Moon is being super-charged with Uranian lightning-like, shocking, surprising, highly intuitive and yet also revolutionary vibrations while October’s forward-momentum building New Moon is being super-charged with Venusian loving, artistic, friendly, and alchemical vibrations.

An unusual occurrence this month is that four days after the Sun squares Pluto (October 4), opposes Uranus (October 7), sextiles Jupiter via 60-degrees (October 10), and sextiles Mars via 60-degrees (October 15), Venus repeats the same alignments (October 8, 11, 14, and 19) – to the same planets. This is because Venus is approaching its merger with the Sun – a highly enriching, across-the-board winning rendezvous that finally takes place early on Saturday October 25 and just about 12 hours before Mercury turns direct.

As October reaches its conclusion and, for some, its apotheosis on Halloween, Mercury is back in the swing of things by moving at nearly 1 degree of zodiacal motion per day (and getting faster) – providing a definite boost for overall thinking and communicating. Plus, Mercury and the Moon connect with far-out Neptune, while the Moon and Mercury commune together as well, bringing humanity’s reservoir of deep-seated feelings, dreams and visions of a more ideal, sensitive, compassionate and wisdom-enhanced home planet into our collective mind’s eye.

Copyright 2014 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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