Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

Whatever is currently happening in your life, the Daily Cosmic Calendar can help you to put it in perspective. I am excited to offer you my cosmic forecasts with the Reach for the Stars daily aspects. I will be perfecting this feature soon. Thank you for visiting…Warmly, Isha Lerner

May 22nd Friday

Looking forward to a fun weekend? This might be your cup of tea. Moon in Leo, beginning at 2:42 PM Pacific Time alights the afternoon with sunny glee. A fire sign moon offers activity, joy, and inspiration to the melting pot of the day. In the evening a Moon trine Saturn at 5:51 PM lends order to your creative endeavors and communication efforts be it a party, relationship sharing, or personal reflection. Sun Opposite Saturn gives structure as well…stand up for what you believe and be joyous within the confines of duty. 

May 21st Thursday

May 21st the sun moves into Gemini…I love this! Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is retrograde, however, the mighty sun moves into the Mercurial sign of Gemini…it's one of those beautiful times when the energies co-exit and juxtapose one another…it's great! Move ahead with writing, planning, and organizing. Sun in Gemini loves this…just be mindful of that little trickster Mercury retrograde who likes to play havoc with our plans, and adores the attention it get to mottle up the pie….don't buy in…move ahead with a blazing Sun in Mercury ruled Gemini. Great day ahead….Moon conjunct Venus in the early afternoon begs for the beauty of the day..behold it..and be careful with the moon square Uranus in the afternoon as this aspect may upset the apple cart of peaceful home dwellings…or, it may awaken great magnetism! …Venus opposite Pluto at 6:54 PM…if you're looking for deep sharing…you've found the right night and atmosphere….go for it. xo

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