Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

I am honored to offer my cosmic forecasts with my Reach for the Stars daily aspects. I will be perfecting this feature soon. Thank you for visiting…Warmly, Isha Lerner

July 29th 

We continue to feel the Venus retrograde cycle as the Love Planet back steps toward passionate Leo. On the Blue Full Moon, July 31st, Venus in Leo unites the Sun's source of light within the heart. Our consciousness re-awakens the eternal child within, the treasure within that illumines creativity, self love, and a vulnerable awe. Prepare for the beauty of this cycle as the Moon shines brighter and brighter in the night sky.

Today the Moon is in productive and practical Capricorn. Stay focused on your goals and remain confident in your day even if the Pluto conjunct the Moon turbulence yanks at your heels. In the original myth of Persephone, the maiden was called Kore, who willingly walked into the labyrinth of the underworld. There was not an abduction. It was there, in the dark, she found another aspect of her Self; deep, regenerative, and quiet. You have an opportunity to find the essence of Kore today and discover what lies deep beneath the surface of desire, love, and Self Identity. This evening a Moon square Uranus activates the inner sanctuary of mindfulness. Eccentric ideas, an inventive inspiration, and great evening talk with the one you's all possible.

July 25th

Venus went retrograde today through September 6th.......this retrograde cycle happens every other year. 
Ode to Venus Retrograde: "Dear Love are the guide and inspiration we follow as we embrace the wisdom of our relationships, our inner values, and our connection to beauty, nature, and our body. During this time of retrograde, please help me understand, with greater clarity, the wonder of my incarnation, the way into love, and how I may improve the course of my relationships. I know you are here to guide and enhance the joy and fulfillment of my life. Thank you dearly." ~ a devotee.

July 23rd…

Today Mercury has entered the zodiacal sign Leo and will remain in this heart-filled energy until August 8th. Open your field of creative thinking, bridge the mind with the heart, and return to child-like purity…At noon there's a brilliant Sun/Mercury conjunction…take note of ego cleansing and be Self Aware…This evening the Moon will be square to the Sun and to Mercury. Keynote: the inner flow of feeling is as real as it is deep…share it with the ones you love.

July 22nd and 23rd…

The sun enters glorious Leo today! Keep the fires burning bright in your heart while some heavy hitter aspects move into the territory of our deep feelings and possible fears. Pay attention to communication tonight….Moon square Mars doesn't always cooperate with disagreements and disputes. The emotional weather front is coming in as we move nearer to the 23rd of July when Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus. Lots going on with planetary shifts as Mercury moves into expressive Leo as well making for a Sun/Mercury conjunction on the 23rd, Thursday. Remember…Scorpio Moon and Leo Sun/Mercury are fixed signs with square. Respecting one another is a key factor…Fire in the belly with heated up passions in the cauldron…stay creative and brightly willing to do your best...

July 21st…

Wonderfully balanced energy today with Moon in Libra. A Sun trine Saturn this afternoon brings order and realignment to discordant every. Use this energy to effectively put form to pre-existing chaos. Take time to love the evening flow of harmony. it's a great couple of days to work with body health as well…boost immunity and center the body.

July 17th through July 19th

Weekend Update: Moon continues in sunny-side up Leo with gracious aspects through Saturday up to 2:41 PM. Void moon until 5:47 PM when it moves into Virgo. Take note of a moon square to Saturn at 2:41PM just as the moon moves into a void…Do Not React to Doubt…all will pass…By the evening the moon will conjunct earthy Virgo in the early degrees saluting an evening of pleasantry in the garden, in service to family and others, enjoying the outdoors of nature, and perhaps taking the time to write. There's a brilliant boost of energy at 6:07 PM when Uranus squares Mercury. This is a creative square that prompts inventions and puts gasoline in the 'think tank.' Take advantage. Sunday July 19th is a sweetly loving day if you dare use moon opposite Neptune to its highest factor. Go see a movie in mid afternoon…that would most likely be perfect. Also, enjoy the waters of imagination, meditation, or the actual waters of a lake, the ocean, or a perfect stream….The evening fares well for deeper connections as the moon will trine Pluto. Remember…we are in a four week Plutonian wake up call….Delve…Explore…and Release….

July 15th 2015

New Moon and Pluto

Ravenous Mystery: The Seed of Love

These are provocative days.

NASA has released its first images of the outer regions of Pluto, and as many of you know, there is an enormous configuration in the shape of a heart on Pluto’s surface. There are other bright lights and indentations indicating activity on this far away celestial body.

How intriguing that the wonder of Pluto’s images emerges on a New Moon, the Dark Moon, a mysterious time of the month when seeds are planted in the depth of imagination. Today, the New Moon opposes Pluto, yanking at the gravity of the innermost Self. As Sherlock Holmes famously said to Dr. Watson, “the game is afoot!”

When visual images of a planet come into focus, a new collective archetype is born. The images broaden the scope of our collective interplay with the planet, sharpening the potential to pinpoint our relationship with it. The energies of this New Moon are anything but light and easy; they are, in fact, somewhat turbulent as we enter the next four weeks.

We can choose to ignore the moment, succumb to sadness and depression, blame others, or stubbornly cling to the attitudes and opinions borne of errors or lack of judgment. Or we can stand naked under the new moon! We can say no to seeing fault in others and decline the invitation to decide to stay where you are because it’s too scary to change. Life is change…the new moon is singing the note of Change!

So, let’s embrace transformation together. Cherish what you have and strive for more, and then more. The new moon aligns perfectly with these desires and endeavors.

Knowing the weather pattern of the cosmos, of course, can make all the difference. What to watch for:

The keynote is Pluto! There is a constellation of Planets in the sign of Cancer at this time and will be opposed by Pluto in Capricorn. Oppositions raise the bar regarding relationship patterns. Plutonic forces are at work.

Keynotes: Let go of Fear; Open to the Mystery of unseen Love; Dive Deeply into Self; Strive to Understand the Other; Do Not React to Negativity; Find the Love that exists in the Dark Corners of the Unknown; Embrace Duality; Do All You Can to Be the Light.

I’m enthralled with the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon written by Dane Rudhyar:

New Moon in Cancer at 24 degrees:

A Woman And Two Men Castaways On A Small Island Of The South Sea

Keynote: The focalization of complex inner potentialities in harmonic and concrete relationships

As Rudhyar writes: We are dealing here with a special phase of the process of integration. The woman and the two men represent the three-fold aspect of the human personality, particularly at this stage when one of these aspects-the emotional life (the woman)- is facing the possibility, if not the inevitability, of relating itself to both the spiritual and mental. This confrontation occurs on a small island of the South Seas, and “south” always refers symbolically to the strong and passionate impulses of human nature. Somehow, the three-fold consciousness has to develop a harmonious and well-integrated modus vivendi ( a specific way of life.) If successful, this will release powerful energies and will lead to our next phase of consciousness.

The deeply held keynote offers clues to future peace and alignment. We must integrate a new awareness of Love as a collective, yet, within the context of an inter-dependent maturation.

Following the New Moon’s exact position at 6:24 PM PDT, Mercury conjuncts Mars. The great planet of communication and mental discovery will conjoin the ‘inner male’ warrior-like planet of Mars. Herein lies our first opportunity to unite the New Moon energies, (the inner feminine) with the fiery action of Mars, (the inner masculine.) New encounters with feeling, action, and potential resolutions may arise over the next four weeks.

Take note: The Force Is With Us Now…You Are the Master of Your Life…Relationship Awareness is Renewed, The Grand Mirror of Life…Do Not Run Away!

As always, I am in awe and in love with this life…and the mystery if provides.

All blessings,

Isha Lerner

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