Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

Cosmic Calendar: The Latest

I am honored to offer my cosmic forecasts with my Reach for the Stars daily aspects. I will be perfecting this feature soon. Thank you for visiting…Warmly, Isha Lerner

September 4th: 

The moon is in Gemini today. Synchronistic possibilities dance like sugar plums…take note of the wondrous possibilities that lie ahead and the joy of change. Step right into the ring folks…life may be a bit of a circus these days, so we might as well dance with the muse. Tonight with a moon trine Neptune gaze deeply into the distant sky…the future is written in the stars and your life carries a bounty of this light. The moon will also trine Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, offering the magic of the mind and imagination. 

September 3rd: The moon continues it's travels through Venus ruled Taurus. Remember always…Love Heals All…and this moon opens the door to the heart. The heart of emotion and the heart of beauty. Take note: Even in our most troubling days there is a great light within; a light that will never fail to lead the way onward. Tonight, be mindful of a moon square Mars. Watch your words and emotions as they can be a little sharp if there is trouble or emotion in the air. All love from me today. I'm posting a photo of my three daughters today….they reflect Venus to me everyday! Grateful mama!

Happy September! A new month and the beginning point of a changing season. Today the moon is void all day in Aries and will move into Taurus early tomorrow morning on September 2nd. That will be a perfect day to do the errands, shopping, and designing needed for new projects, etc. air until tomorrow if possible to really dig in and accomplish your tasks. There will be a moon trine Jupiter in the early part of the day offering optimism and goodwill to all endeavors. Be discriminating as you choose your motives. A moon sextile Neptune offer just the right amount of creative imagination for gardening, and working with all areas of mystical and spiritual work. Should be a relaxing and lovely evening with a moon trine the Sun and later in the evening a moon trine Pluto. If you burn the midnight oil…you just might have an amazing breakthrough in consciousness. A dream may change your perspective. Be happy if at all possible…even through suffering we gain awareness points for being awake and grateful. I feel tremendous compassion for anyone who is deeply hurting at this time…my love goes out to the world. 

Full Moon in Pisces, August 29th 2015

If Ever There Was A Brilliant Light…It Is Now

All of a sudden, it seems, my clients are examining the way they’ve looked at the world, and they’re asking pointed questions about their spiritual faith, old beliefs, service in the world, and the meaning of past lives. I’d like to explore this in the wake of this Full Moon and the energies of the day.

A full moon illuminates the potential for seeing more clearly what is past, what is now and what is coming, and this full moon, in particular, with its Sun/Jupiter conjunction opposite the Moon/Neptune conjunction, can help us understand what we have carried with us as spiritual beings through many lifetimes. It can assist us to see ourselves as our own spiritual teachers; it can help us see that we possess the light of wisdom, spiritual clarity, and the gifts, talent and knowledge that we’ve accrued through multiple lifetime experiences. Because Neptune opposes Jupiter, we may expand our consciousness beyond our wildest dreams.

Some great force pushes us to remember; something urges us to understand that everyone is a reflection of our inner wisdom and knowledge. This truth is accentuated with north node conjunct Mercury. It’s as if a celestial finger points us toward justice-and-reason, toward the scales of Libra. Pointing us also to our ancient roots, it encourages us to strike a balance between the temporal and heavenly realms.

Speaking of balance, the Venus/ Mars conjunction in heart centered Leo unites the male and female energy; it’s a call for each of us to align our feminine and masculine components in relationship paradigms and in our personal life.

The sweet light of the soul is beautifully illustrated by this Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol located at 7 degrees Pisces.

Illumined by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist

Keynote: The spiritual blessing, which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth.

Like Mother Mary, Jesus and similar archetypes in world’s wisdom traditions, we bear a kind of cross, like a heavy heart, yet we need not be discouraged. If we can manage to walk in illuminated light despite the suffering we perceive and endure, then we can resurrect Love, which is our earnest treasure. We can, in fact, reignite last month’s potent Jupiter/Venus conjunction with its promise of a brilliant rebirth of consciousness through love.

So, it is very important that each of us finds a quiet space and time today to enjoy the expansion of awareness with regard to detail. One might ask, what are the small worries and nagging problems I carry? How can I lighten my load and expand my consciousness?

This full moon floods the opening door with light to the next Saturn cycle beginning on Sept. 16th. For the next 2 + years, with Saturn in Sagittarius, we’ll explore the opportunity to see through misguided truths so that we may carry the story of humankind forward. We must create visions that propel us forward and help us dispel lies and cover-ups. Most importantly, it is in our highest good to live according to our destiny…the assertion of the soul.

The heart of humanity is breaking open with light! With more light, one sees more suffering; yet one may also experience opportunities for expansive and unconditional love.

As Dane Rudhyar writes: “Be true to thine own self, and in the midst of the outer confusion displayed by those surrounding you, you will realize what you really are as individual…a being of light.”

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