Cosmic Calendar Highlights - August 2014

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Highlights of the August 2014 Cosmic Calendar

By Mark Lerner

One of the distinguishing qualities of August 2014 is that none of the main planetary and asteroid bodies in our solar system is pausing – to shift from retrograde to direct or direct to retrograde. This astronomical phenomenon – called a station – can only occur when a heavenly orb “appears” to halt its zodiacal motion from Earth’s vantage point. Now, in reality, no celestial bodies ever stop from the Sun’s perspective, but astrology and its power are calculated geocentrically – relative to our home some 93 billion miles away from the somewhat small yellow star that gives us light and life.

Stations are important to watch because – when they happen – the archetypes of the celestial body become ultra-strong throughout the human kingdom, often creating turbulence or wreaking havoc, sometimes for several days before and after the exact halt. Last month, for example, Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries made nearly simultaneous stations on July 20 and July 21. This was around the time-period when many plane crashes were occurring and acts of war were raging in the Middle East and on the border between Ukraine and Russia.

Many students of astrology don’t realize that when the quickly-moving Moon – Earth’s closest cosmic neighbor and taking just 27.3-days to make one orbit through the zodiac – makes its next conjunctions with celestial orbs that have just stationed in the sky, the archetypes of those planets are ratcheted-up an extra notch. This will occur on Monday August 4 (when the Moon unites with Saturn in Scorpio) and Thursday August 14 (when the Moon unites with Uranus in Aries). Look for excessive themes of Saturn and Uranus, respectively, around the world when those two days arrive on the scene.

Wedged almost exactly in between these two dates is the Full Moon of August – activating 19 degrees of Leo and Aquarius – on Sunday August 10. The Tibetan Master D.K. – communicating over a 30-year time-period (1919-1949) with his disciple Alice A. Bailey – indicated in a book entitled Esoteric Astrology that the Full Moon of August would eventually be recognized as a global festival wherein the spiritual-divine energies from the great star system Sirius would enter the heart-chakra of Earth (otherwise known as the Hierarchy) and, from there, be stepped-down for our human kingdom to assimilate. Obviously, humanity still has a long way to go before it evolves into being the advanced steward it needs to become to inspire the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms which ought to be under our guidance rather than receive our contempt.

The last week of this eighth month of 2014 is noteworthy because it carries enormous intensity that needs a lot of sensitive, soulful channeling if the results on the physical plane are going to be positive. A key date is Monday August 25 when the Virgo New Moon manifests just five hours before a potent and dicey conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. Since any merger of the solar and lunar orbs initiates a new 29.5-day cycle of the two main lights in our neighborhood in the galaxy, a Mars-Saturn union flexing its potentially nasty muscles at the same time can send disconcerting ripples through the psychic atmosphere on Earth for the following several weeks. Therefore, it is imperative that a large contingent of human souls sends out healing and loving energy just before, during, and after the Virgo New Moon of August 25 takes hold.

The last 24 hours of August also reveal a clash of forces influencing earthly life as the Moon in Scorpio makes its monthly conjunctions with both Saturn and Mars – thereby re-igniting the Mars-Saturn union from six days before. Fortunately, some of the possible harshness that could be generated from the red planet and the beautiful ringed planet coming under the hypnotic sway of the Moon may be offset as the Moon also unites with sisterhood-enhancing and investment-focused Vesta while the Sun supports the productive-nurturing side of Ceres, bringing the favorable presence of Mother Nature into our lives as August morphs into September.

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