Cosmic Calendar Highlights - September 2014

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Highlights of the September Cosmic Calendar

By Mark Lerner

While the first week of September holds a fair amount of stellar activity affecting earthly mortals, the initial main challenge of this month occurs on Monday September 8 during the Full Moon – energizing Solar Virgo and Lunar Pisces. What makes this particular enlightening solar-lunar monthly crescendo extra potent are the additions of celestial configurations energizing Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune.

The night before the Full Moon, the Sun forms its annual polarity to Chiron – illuminating the holistic healing and shamanic vibrations that are essential qualities associated with this unusual comet-like body only discovered 37 years ago in 1977. Then on the day of the Full Moon, the Sun makes two types of alignments with revolutionary, radical-change agent and surprise-bringer Uranus while the Moon makes its monthly conjunction with dreamy-visionary Neptune and Chiron itself. In fact, the Moon union with Chiron occurs just 1 hour and 32 minutes before the precise moment of the Full Moon.

The bottom line of the above is that the Full Moon about to influence humanity this month contains all kinds of divinely-inspired antidotes to the afflictions and struggles currently inflaming the surface realm of this profusely-alive planet in the solar system. There are all kinds of arcane reasons why Earth is a celestial body of extraordinary beauty as well as pain and suffering. And every so often, the universe attempts to snatch away the veil hiding these secrets and provide a glimpse of what is truly happening “behind the scenes” and inside the Hierarchical and Shamballa dimensions composing our planetary Heart and Head chakras.

During the following 12 days after the Full Moon, be ready to check out the powerful array of planetary alignments that will make Saturday September 13, Sunday September 14, and Wednesday September 17 deserve extra scrutiny on your part. All of this leads up to the trio of dates – Sunday September 21 to Tuesday September 23 – when the cosmos tries to deliver of series of tests that force you into a major soul-searching experience.

Sunday September 21 begins this trinity of September dates with two major alignments by Venus and a potentially confusing Mars-Neptune square of 90-degrees. You then move on to Monday September 22 when the two largest celestial bodies in our solar system – the Sun and Jupiter – are at loggerheads, Pluto is totally motionless in Capricorn (as it shifts from reverse to forward motion), and the Sun morphs from earthy Virgo to airy Libra – one of the four sacred turning points of the calendar year. At this point, the dark-of-the-moon or Balsamic Phase of the Sun and Moon is in its greatest strength and there is a need to complete key ventures begun during the last few weeks. Tuesday September 23 contains more golden opportunities, as well as potential detours to success, as a long void Moon cycle occurs while the lunar orb unites with Venus, Jupiter connects with wounded-healer Chiron, and the Libra New Moon occurs at the end of the day – aligned with one of the largest Black Holes that we know of in the universe.

During the last week of the month, Saturday September 27 through Monday September 29, are three crucial days when you want to “get it right” as the Moon makes its usually emotionally-intense passage through provocative Scorpio in order to find a more upbeat, cheerful, and optimistic landscape in adventurous Sagittarius. During this time-period at least a dozen strong sky patterns demand your full attention while Mercury, the ancient winged Messenger of the Gods, begins slowing down in its daily speed as it prepares for its next three-week retrograde cycle beginning on Saturday October 4.

When all is said and done during September, be ready to accomplish several important tasks and set important plans in motion during the first three days of October before you reach October 4 when all of humanity encounters one of two, annual Sun-Pluto squares, clashes between Venus and Saturn as well as Mars and Chiron, plus a Mercury reversal that will continue until October 25. Keep the Faith and to paraphrase the John Locke character from the hit TV show Lost*, don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do…

*Lost ran for six seasons (2004 – 2010) and, in case you never saw it, it is available on Netflix. If you are fascinated by esoteric traditions interweaving with the modern world, enjoy comedy mixed with serious drama and speculations about time-travel and alternate realities, then check out this series.

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