Cosmic Calendar Highlights - December 2014

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Highlights of the December 2014 Cosmic Calendar

By Mark Lerner

Last month I described the unusual situation of both Chiron and Neptune making stations (halts in the zodiac) during November for many years in a row. These stopping points – with the celestial bodies shifting direction from retrograde to direct in Pisces – have been increasing the healing-shamanic (Chiron) and psychic-imaginative (Neptune) vibrations that human souls can then pick up on (during the eleventh month of the year) and utilize for their evolutionary development.

When it comes to December, there is another planetary archetype that has been quietly, behind-the-scenes energizing the twelfth month of the year since 2009. That heavenly orb is none other than Uranus – the first outer planet beyond Saturn to be discovered back on March 13, 1781. Five years ago, the planet of revolution, shock waves, surprises, high-technology and the multi-media, lightning-like revelations, flashes of genius, eccentricity, wild cards, jokers as well as nervous anxiety, and breakthroughs or breakdowns in consciousness began its slowdown in retrograde motion, station, and shift forward during December. This continues in force through 2016, and then 2018 – 2025 (a 7-year cycle or one-twelfth of a full 84-year Uranus orbit through the zodiac) will bring the Uranus retrograde-to-direct stations into the month of January.

While the first thirteen days of December 2014 are notable for the enlightening Full Moon of Sagittarius-Gemini on Saturday the 5th and giant Jupiter shifting into reverse in Leo (for a four-month cycle) on the 8th, Uranus proceeds to give humanity two electrifying wake-up calls – on two Sundays in a row, the 14th and the 21st. On December 14, Uranus squares Pluto for their stunning and potentially volatile-explosive, sixth of seventh 90-degree confrontations occurring since June 2012 and concluding in March 2015. On December 21, Uranus completes this year’s retrograding time-cycle, pauses at 13 degrees of Aries, and begins its forward march that lasts for 7 months until July 26, 2015. Plus, this year’s date in December of 2014 – the 21st – contains the Sun entering Capricorn (beginning winter in the Northern Hemisphere) as well as a potent Capricorn New Moon happening only a couple of hours later. [Note: If your religious, philosophical and metaphysical perspectives include watching the Christmas Day cycles every year, be forewarned that December 25, 2015 will treat humanity to a Full Moon and the next Uranian retrograde-to-direct station at 17 degrees of Aries.]

While Uranus is forcing so many of us to do more out-of-the-box thinking and attempt to radically change our day-to-day realities this month, its ancient nemesis – Saturn – is also making some news. On Tuesday December 23, the chronological time-keeper of the solar system enters Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. Saturn spends around two and one-half years in each sign of the zodiac (during its 29.5-year cycle around the Sun), but this initial entry into fiery, upbeat, and goal-oriented Sagittarius is really a peek-a-boo experience as Saturn is in this sign until June 14, 2015 – when it re-enters late-Scorpio until September 17, 2015. By the way, the Saturn-in-Sagittarius main cycle then runs from September 17, 2015 until December 19, 2017 and then, two days later, on the Winter Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere in that year, the Sun and Saturn will converge at 0+ degrees of Capricorn for what might be one of the chilliest winter seasons for us earthly “northerners” in many years, if not decades.

2014 ends on festive December 31 with a reasonably peaceful Taurus Moon in a harmonious trine of 120-degrees to Messenger of the Gods Mercury in Capricorn, and with the promise of a flowing, lunar trine to love-and-beauty goddess Venus in Capricorn as the first major alignment of the New Year. You will want to tune into these richly creative and resourceful geometric configuration as turbulent 2014 (which began with a very rare Capricorn New Moon conjunct underworld-ruling Pluto) morphs into a hopefully more benevolent and progressive twelve-month experience in 2015.

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