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The Daily Cosmic Calendar, created by Mark Lerner, is an astrological "energy update,” detailing the energy the planets are exerting HOUR by HOUR as you move through your day. Whatever is currently happening in your life, the Daily Cosmic Calendar can help you to put it in perspective. It's a great service.

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WED  SEPT  17  If you thought yesterday’s relatively calm series of sky patterns would remain influential for a second day in a row, think again. There will be a lessening of cosmic intensity tomorrow and Friday, but right now it wouldn’t hurt to have your intellect and intuition working harmoniously as a dynamic duo. Three potentially discordant Mercury-based aspects combined with two possibly challenging Venus-based aspects add up to five distress calls that can keep you dashing around from pillar to post. Confusion and chaos could swirl around the time-periods when Mercury makes a frictional, 135-degree link to Neptune (9:49AM) followed by Mercury parallel to Neptune (10:32AM). Antidotes here might include spiritual studies and creative work with film, photography, music and dance. However, Mercury also faces off via a 90-degree square with Juno (12:00PM) – a reminder to be extra careful in discussions with dear ones. This is then amplified by Venus in opposition to Chiron (11:33AM) and forming an off-kilter, 150-degree contact with jittery Uranus (6:21PM). Nevertheless, this 24-hour time-span has a saving grace as a grand trine in water signs develops due to the Moon in Cancer trine to Ceres in Scorpio (12:29PM) and Chiron in Pisces (1:56PM). Add on the Moon forming an upbeat parallel to giant Jupiter (4:59PM) and you do have some good-luck factors attempting to keep you afloat. In the midst of any struggles and controversy, find time for nurturing snacks, refreshing and natural beverages, as well as delving into your ancestral family tree to revive your historical roots.

THU  SEPT  18  The universe is much more serene today than yesterday. Nevertheless, you need to be on your toes in the early going as the Moon makes its monthly union with Juno in Cancer (2:11AM). While this conjunction can provide a boost for fashion, style and beauty interests, and it can emotionally empower primary partnerships, there is an underside to Juno that connects to rage coming from lack of respect and long time-periods of disharmony in matters of the heart. The few hours before 11:39AM offer a physical vitality enhancement as the Moon in Cancer forms a supportive, 60-degree alliance with the Sun in Virgo. However, once the clock strikes 11:39AM and the Moon-Sun connection is exactly established, an 8+ hour void lunar uncertainty zone goes into effect that lasts until 8:11PM. Finishing old projects with enthusiasm is appropriate while you keep new, bold enterprises waiting in the wings for a future opportune cycle to occur. Once the Moon enters fiery, heart-centered Leo (8:11PM), let your child-like innocence and curiosity roam free. The subconscious lion wants to roar on the artistic and social fronts. Get set for the next 48-hour time-span when the universe is in a much more compliant mood than usual.

FRI  SEPT  19  Considering that many days in an entire year are filled with a large number of stressful sky patterns, today and tomorrow have a radiant aura surrounding them. Not only is the Moon transiting through the golden rays of light-endowed Leo, but the overall tenor of heavenly alignments is also very favorable. The Moon trine Mars in fire signs (3:42AM) helps to put the red planet in a good mood, and this can enhance your efforts to improve that curve ball, hook shot, golf swing or tennis backhand. Ceres and Chiron – both in water signs and involved with the Moon in an emotionally-satisfying grand triangle two days ago – now put their archetypes together in a positive trine of 120-degrees (5:56AM). This has the capacity to increase productivity in your main fields of expertise as well as providing you soothing relief of physical pains via a comforting massage, whirlpool treatment or holistic therapy that you frequently enjoy. Esoteric teachings and shamanic traditions can also attract your attention as the Sun forms a contra-parallel with Chiron (2:14PM) – an aspect calculated through the declination system, north and south of the Celestial Equator, and functioning as a potential Full-Moon like illumination concerning the inner side of life. Rejoice tonight as the Moon approaches its monthly union with often jubilant and happy-go-lucky Jupiter (forming exactly at 12:30AM on Saturday).

Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Daylight Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.

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Mark Lerner has been a professional astrologer since 1972.
He publishes Earth Aquarius News, an online astrology journal
with a major focus on Mundane Astrology and has been
writing the Daily Cosmic Calendar since 1981. More about Mark.

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