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In mid-July, the core members of the Inner Sight team, Isha Lerner, Janet Morrow and Tara Faulkner, spent a very productive and heartfelt week together in Whitefish, Montana, where Janet currently lives (and where Janet and Tara met six years ago). While there, Isha and Tara gave a joint presentation on the new form of astrology Tara has been developing known as Astro-Ancestry Mapping, which correlates a person’s ancestral DNA map with their Astrocartography map and birth chart. The event was well-attended and there was a lot of excitement about this new approach at the intersection of science and metaphysics.

Afterwards, Tara headed back to New Orleans, while Isha stayed in the Rocky Mountains, enjoying another week in the majestic wilderness of nearby Glacier National Park. After three weeks back home in Eugene, Oregon, Isha left for Hong Kong on August 20th to attend the International Natural Products Expo. While there, Isha will be a featured speaker on the topic of “Power of Flowers Healing: A New Model for Health and Wellness in a Changing World.” She will then fly from Hong Kong to Japan to teach Flower Essence and Inner Child Card workshops through mid-September.

While exploring Glacier National Park, Isha was overwhelmed with awe at the melting glaciers shining amidst a blanket of glorious Rocky Mountain wild flowers. The Rose Indian Paintbrush was blooming profusely in the upper meadows of the park and has inspired us to share our own Northwest version of the Indian Paintbrush wild flower in the form of Power of Flowers flower essences.

The Indian Paintbrush flower essence is recommended for those engaged in highly creative work who may be experiencing low vitality and exhaustion, difficulty in rousing physical forces to sustain the intensity of creative work, and even an inability to bring creative inspiration into physical form. Indian paintbrush flower remedy assists in regaining and sustaining the fullness of creative and artistic expression. We also recommend our Radiant Self Blend made with a combination of Wild Iris, Shooting Star, and Indian Paintbrush. This blend gives the lift you need to follow the unique path of your own creative passions. We love it!

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Indian Paintbrush Flower Essences

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