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Iris Heaven Flower Essence Blend

Contains: Abbeville Red/Nelsonii Iris, Red iFulva Bayou Iris, Giant Blue/I. Giganticaurlea Iris and Silversword

We have created a blend that is profoundly effective and relevant during this evolutionary shift in consciousness around the world. We’ve named it “Iris Heaven” in honor of the link the Iris carries between the moist, inner terrain of our unconscious and the light-filled aspirations of our budding consciousness. In a broader sense, Iris Heaven embodies the principles of a “Rainbow Consciousness.”

Our Iris Heaven Blend contains the essence of Red iFulva Bayou Iris. The “Coppery Red” vibration of the iFulva rejuvenates the life force within the human body, offering a deep grounding and connection to the original essence of one’s own creative potential. It also contains the Abbeville Red/Iris Nelsonii (deepening the potential for unity between soul and body), Silversword (which activates the alignment process of the spine and chakra system) and Giant Blue/Iris Giganticaerulea (the beautiful blue Iris that grows in the watery regions, offering support and stabilization to the emotional body). By combining the two deep red Irises with the blue Giganticaerulea, one’s bodily system is infused with the purple hues of healing light. The Silversword acts as an alignment aid, connecting nerve tissue with emotional stabilization. The blend encapsulates the celebration of rainbow light healing, for it is the wondrous Iris that is described as “the Paintbrush of the Soul.”

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