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Listen in as Mark Lerner, creator and author of the Cosmic Calander, and Isha Lerner discuss the New Year and what January 2014 has in store for all of us. Remember, there is a New Moon on January 1st...a perfect time for new beginnings, wishes, dreams, and a wonderful day to plant the seeds for the blessings of the New Year.

Listen as Mark Lerner (author of Inner Sight’s Cosmic Calendar) talks with Isha Lerner about the energy of the coming December full moon, the powerful astrology alignments affecting our world today, the mystery of comets and Ison, and the healing energies of Chiron. We’d love to hear from you in our comments section. Happy Holidays!

Listen to Mark Lerner, Inner Sight author of the Cosmic Calendar, as he and Isha Lerner discuss the planetary aspects for November 2013. Mark and Isha also discuss various topics such as retrograde planets, the void moon, and many little sideline conversations about the ever-present connections between world events and astrology.

Listen as Isha Lerner speaks with Cosmic Calendar Author Mark Lerner as they discuss the significance of the asteroids, which represent the feminine archetypes, and how they are re-shaping the collective consciousness. Mark and Isha touch upon global topics such as the Middle East, Japan and Fukushima, and the strategies of new models that may re-shape our world.

Listen in as Isha Lerner interviews Mark Lerner about the astrological highlights for June 2013. The month begins bumpy but hold on...things will be looking better! Find out what days are best for planning your summer activities. New Moon is on June 8th and the Full Moon is June 23rd.

Listen as astrologer and author of Inner Sight's Cosmic Calendar, Mark Lerner, offers good advice and 'head's up' perspectives for the month of May with fellow astrologer, Isha Lerner.

With a solar eclipse New Moon on May 9th, conjunct asteroid Pallas, there's a lot to look forward to as we navigate our way through another high intensity month.

Listen in as Isha Lerner and Mark Lerner discuss the Cosmic Calendar Highlights for April 2013.

Mark discusses the extraordinary cycles we have endured in March and what to expect as we enter the month of April. Isha and Mark touch on subjects such as the coming Buddha Full Moon at the end of the month and some very beautiful Venus/Mars aspects that open the doorway for humanity as we explore the balance of the male/female polarity. Mark and Isha discus how this may effect the equality rights being illumined at this time in our culture. We hope you'll join in and listen to this dynamic conversation between two well seasoned astrologers. Blessings!

Listen in as Mark Lerner shares the Highlights of the Astrological Aspects for the month of March with Isha Lerner.

There's a whole lot of Mars going on! wow...find out about the March New Moon and more....

Listen as Mark Lerner shares his perspectives on key planetary alignments for February 2013. Keynotes include commentary on Jupiter, Ceres, and Vesta, all moving out of a retrograde cycle in the sign of Gemini. This dynamic energy stimulates an ongoing focus on gun control and an inquiry into what constitutes a safe society. Also, Mark and Isha discuss the coming Chinese New Year on February 8th, it’s implications, and the power of Love on Valentine’s Day. We hope you’ll tune in! Much love!

For this 11th installment in the Highlights of the Cosmic Calendar podcast series, astrologers Mark Lerner and Tara Faulkner discuss the month-long period from December 9, 2012, through January 9, 2013, during which a Finger of God, or Finger of Fate, forms in the Heavens, ushering in the potential for rebirth through the galactic birth canal of the Great Mother, with the period of “hard labor” from sunrise on the Winter Solstice through midnight on Christmas Day.

Mundane Astrologer extraordinaire, Mark Lerner, reflects upon the dramatic outcome of the recent US Presidential election, “a clash of Titanic proportions,” during this 10th installment of his Highlights of the Cosmic Calendar podcast series, concluding that while President Obama embodied the archetype of the Wounded Healer, Mitt Romney embodied its opposite: the man with the silver spoon in his mouth, the “un-Wounded un-Healer.”

Seasoned Mundane Astrologer, Mark Lerner, goes out on a quivering limb during this podcast, predicting that President Obama will likely be reelected President of the United States on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, given various astrological indicators involving the Asteroids, Juno and Ceres, plus the planet, Saturn, in the progressed chart for the U.S. He also takes into account recent polls related to the election, as well as the potential impact on the election of Hurricane Sandy, which made landfall Monday, October 29, on the East Coast of the U.S.

With the US Presidential Election just three weeks away, mundane astrologer extraordinaire, Mark Lerner, describes the planetary alignments influencing the outcome of what promises to be a close race. With iconoclastic Uranus at the top of the chart on the evening of Tuesday, November 6, it all comes down to whether President Obama can reignite the fire in his belly he seems to have lost since he got elected four years ago. He will have to campaign as if he is an outsider running against the establishment and the status quo in order to get reelected.

Join astrologers Mark Lerner and Tara Faulkner for this illuminating and provocative installment of the Highlights of the Cosmic Calendar podcast series, during which they explore the implications (for the upcoming US Presidential election, among other things) of yet another planetary Perfect Storm moment, with first Jupiter and then Mercury going retrograde, Saturn moving into Scorpio (after 29 years in Libra) and two very long Void of Course Moons – all this against the backdrop of the ongoing Pluto/Uranus square. Mark’s prescription for dealing with all this intensely transformative energy: Laughter is the Best Medicine.

Join astrologers Mark Lerner and Tara Faulkner for this wide-ranging, free-wheeling conversation about a series of “Perfect Storm” planetary alignments from mid to late September, 2012, related to inflammatory media events, recent attacks on US embassies and consulates, provocative secrets coming to light, and the 1st anniversary of the Occupy Movement.

Astrologers Mark Lerner and Tara Faulkner discuss a “hot spot” moment occurring in mid-September, 2012, involving the New Moon in Virgo, followed by Pluto coming to a stand still and then backing up, plus an exact Pluto/Uranus square. They then speculate about the implications of this rare series of major astrological events coinciding with the latest “quantitative easing” strategy instigated by the Federal Reserve and leading up to the presidential election.

Astrologers Mark Lerner and Tara Faulkner discuss both the lower and higher manifestations of Martian energy, dramatically demonstrated in world events during the New Moon phase of July 18th - August 17th, particularly through the recent shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin, plus the Mars rover Curiosity landing and the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Tune in to this second installment of the bimonthly feature “Highlights of the Cosmic Calendar,” during which Mark Lerner unpacks the very astrologically loaded week of July 14 through July 20, 2012: first, Uranus and Mercury both come to a standstill and then go retrograde; next, Juno stations and then goes direct; the New Moon launches a 5+ hour void-of-course lunar cycle; then, Mars goes a little haywire, triggering many explosive alignments over a four day period; and, finally, Jupiter makes challenging aspects to both Pluto and Saturn! And all this against the backdrop of the Uranus/Pluto square which was exact on June 24, but is still in effect for the next three years!

This is the first in a series of exclusive interviews with seasoned astrologer, Mark Lerner, highlighting the most compelling entries in his much-loved Daily Cosmic Calendar on a bi-monthly basis. In this installment, tune in to hear Mark discuss: the recent Uranus/Pluto square as it relates to Egypt and its pivotal role in global transformation; the unfortunate timing of the Supreme Court ruling on “Obamacare, coinciding with a void Moon followed by a Sun/Pluto opposition; and Jupiter’s 83-year cycle, connecting October, 2012, with the Great Stock Market Crash of October, 1929.

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