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Morning Glory Flower Essence

Healing Properties: Morning Glory flower essence awakens the spirit, attuning the individual to his or her own shimmering brilliance and vitality. It can serve as a rejuvenating tonic, melting away patterns of lethargy or inertia and allowing one to feel embraced by the jubilant forces of nature. Morning Glory flower remedy rises up in the early morning with an eager will to meet the rising sun in the great blue sky.

Morning Glory,
The Goddess anew,
A flowering vine,
In radiant blue.
I speak my truth, I live my dreams,
I am vibrant, alive, and fully seen.

Latin: Ipomoea purpurea

Color(s): Typically Radiant Blue (though colors may vary)

Archetype: New World Goddess. Spiritual beauty is the ultimate truth which permeates and enchants the world. The awakened spirit (New World Goddess) creates love, embodies love, and realizes loveómanifesting the greatest beauty and power to be found on Earth. She remembers her Self to be awake. An ardent prayer of gratitude rises in her heart, for she is again, and always has been, one with Anima Mundi, the World Soul. She is awakened in all Her sacred, feminine glory.

Signature: A summer annual plant beautifully adorned with large, bell-like flowers with smooth funnel-shaped throats widening out around the edges and opening only in the morning. Nestled among heart-shaped leaves, these blossoms Ė typically a radiant blue, though colors may vary Ė connect at the top of each bell to a twisting stem which can be found climbing along fence posts and rock walls.

Healing: Whether you are male or female, this card is a fervent call to the realization of your own unique destiny as well as to the future evolution of humanity. Just as nature aspires to perfect itself for the ultimate benefit of All, so too, humanity seeks perfection as its most sublime offering and final destination. The time has come for you to truly embrace the New World Goddess - the sacred, feminine center which brings the beauty of perfection to all actions, deeds, and creations. Seek resolution; let the Old World die away; listen to the new voice emerging within your mind and heart. There can be no more lies, curses, or harmful conduct. Heeding the call of the Millennial Oracle, the New World Woman now at last reemerges from the sleeping womb of the last five thousand years. You awaken with Her - alive, vibrant, and renewed. Speak and affirm the Supreme perfection that you are.

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