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Isha Lerner's Podcast: Moving Into The Age of Aquarius: What Does It Mean?

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This podcast between Astrologer, Mark Lerner; Inner Sight Chair, Janet Morrow; and CEO Isha Lerner focuses on the Aquarian age and what it actually means. There are many differing ideas about the dates of the Aquarian age, as well as what the Aquarian age actually means, and this podcast is a discussion about some of those very interesting and diverse theories. What does it entail to move from the Piscean age in to the Aquarian age? How does 2012 fit in to it? Let’s explore…

A few highlights:
  • Over an extended period of times, say tens of thousands of years, the pole of the earth is moving. If we were orbiting upright, we wouldn’t have equinoxes or ages.

  • The vertical axis of the earth will point over 26,000 years to different stars. Our north star will change; the constellations will look much different or will gradually not appear.

  • The procession of the equinox through the ages has no definite delineation from one sign to the next; there are no lines in the sky.

  • Similarly, there is no star group that is all together in one place sending energy our way. Stars within a constellation that make up those images we have come to know can be millions of light years from one another.

  • Human imagination, mythology, take the symbolic energy of constellations and create a reality that over the course of 2000 years become part of our culture but the symbols will change with the ages.

  • Right now we are in a transitional zone. We are at the end of an age that started somewhere around the time of Jesus.

Listen to hear more and give us your thoughts! Note: This is a particularly long podcast but well worth a listen. Mark and Isha are both experts in astrology, and Mark is something of a savant, able to draw very strong lines between historical and astrological events. You will be fascinated by their breadth of knowledge.

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