Cosmic Calendar Highlights - July 2014

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Highlights of the July 2014 Cosmic Calendar

By Mark Lerner

It is not every month of a year that begins with the bang of Mercury halting its retrograde cycle and turning direct -- especially in its outgoing, home sign of Gemini. This is the cosmic situation as July 2014 gets going with the fanfare of the Messenger of the Gods planet now starting slowly going forward, but eventually reaching a top daily speed of over 2 degrees of the zodiac per day at the end of July and during the first dozen days of August. Most people -- who learn about astrology, on any level of knowledge -- distrust the Mercury reverse cycle and feel much more confident to be successful in worldly projects when this crucial celestial body moves in tandem with the Sun and Moon, which never go backwards in the zodiac. Thus, it is wise and sensible to give thanks to Mercury in its capacity to strengthen your five senses, communication skills and learning abilities across the board since this planet will not go retrograde again until October 4.

July's Full Moon -- the time-period of maximum solar-lunar enlightenment pouring into humanity -- takes place on Saturday the 12th. It represents the crescendo of what was released into our earthy life back on June 27 during the most recent New Moon. The Full Moon activates 21 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn - degrees that just happen to coincide with the Heliocentric Orbit of Pluto. These two degrees of our zodiac are where the entire orbital life of Pluto impresses itself into the human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms on Earth. Therefore, even though every Full Moon is powerful, the one coming up this month carries a lot of deep-seated emotion and underworld vibrations that can either increase your spiritual willpower and mental concentration or pour salt on old psychic wounds.

The planet Jupiter takes about a year to go through one sign of the zodiac, and this important planet of social activity, the power of positive thinking, and success in Big Business enters the regal sign of Leo on July 16. The Sun will catch up with the striped, giant planet on July 24, and they will still be only 1+ degree apart during the New Moon of Leo that takes place on Saturday July 26 and which ushers in a new 29.5-day solar-lunar dance in the heavens. The unmistakable message of having the largest planet in our solar system -- forming its first alliance in 12 years with the Sun in the Sun's own sign of Leo -- is for each of us to become formidable agents of goodwill and to help redirect the Earth toward its higher destiny in the universe.

In between the entry of Jupiter into Leo on July 16 and the Sun-Jupiter annual conjunction on July 24, two other crucial planets take center stage in all of our lives. Back-to-back, on Sunday July 20 and Monday July 21, Saturn and Uranus make stations -- with Saturn in Scorpio turning direct and Uranus in Aries turning retrograde. Nevertheless, it is always rather disconcerting for human souls when planets of very opposite meaning become ultra-powerful (something that occurs when a planet is motionless from the Earth's vantage point). Plus, Saturn and Uranus just happen to be doing their halts nearly simultaneously and almost precisely in an off-kilter, 150-degree link to one another. How will you react when Saturn's conservative, traditional and highly structured themes play out on July 20 only to be forced to shift one day later to responding to a Uranian onslaught of surprises, topsy-turvy conditions, shockwaves, flashes of genius and the totally unpredictable being in the driver's seat?

The end of July and the onset of August is no walk in the park due to a sudden flare-up of Mercury, Venus and Mars altercations with other members of our solar systemic federation. In particular, Mercury will be at loggerheads with sisterhood-enhancing Vesta while Venus duels with eccentric Uranus, and Mars in passionate Scorpio decides to rage against King of the Gods Jupiter in heart-centered Leo.

This seventh month of a numerological 7 year (2014 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7) offers the chance to make fantastic gains across the board -- especially with Mercury in forward motion and Jupiter reinforcing the Sun's mighty presence in Leo. Nevertheless, you want to have your psychic radar working 24/7 since the Saturn-Uranus stations of July 20 - 21 may heavily influence events for up to a week before and after.

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