Cosmic Calendar Highlights - November 2014

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Highlights of the November 2014 Cosmic Calendar

By Mark Lerner

If you have been feeling much closer to the spiritual realms and tuning into psychic abilities more deeply during recent Novembers, there is a somewhat hidden reason. Sure, the zodiacal signs through which the Sun appears to move at this time of the year – Scorpio and Sagittarius – both have archetypes that pull humans toward in-depth research, investigative work, delving into mysteries and secrets, and exploring religious and philosophical teachings. However, since 2010, outer celestial bodies Chiron and Neptune have been making their stations – pauses in the heavens after several months of retrograde motion – and then shifting forward during this eleventh month of the year.

Back in 2010 – when Chiron and Neptune were virtually conjunct at 26 degrees of Aquarius close to Neptune’s discovery point from September 1846 – these two planetary bodies made their stations on November 5 and 7, respectively. A year later, the dates were November 9 and 10, with Chiron a little past Neptune in the zodiac. In 2012, with Neptune and Chiron both in Pisces, the dates were November 10 and 14 while last year the dates widened to a six-day gap of November 13 and 19. Now, in 2014, you want to rev up your visionary talents on November 15 (when Neptune is motionless) and become a master of synchronicity and healing old wounds (when Chiron is motionless). Note: While the dates mentioned for each November are accurate, stations of celestial bodies are often influential for several days before and after. Plus, you will have one more November – in 2015 – to be a part of the extra potency of Neptune and Chiron barely moving in the sky when they shift their directions forward a year from now on November 18 and 27.

Beyond the increased power of Chiron and Neptune during this month, the two key cosmic happenings are certainly the Full Moon of Thursday November 6 and the New Moon of Saturday November 22. The Full Moon is always a potential carrier of divine illumination for humanity as the two lights are on opposite sides of the Earth. This month the Sun and Moon activate 15 degrees of Scorpio and Taurus which the eminent astrologer Dane Rudhyar named as two of four Gates of the Avatar (when he wrote about their special nature many decades ago). To him, the power points of each season occur midway through their three-month duration, and the power point for this season occurs on November 6. Therefore, on this date almost every year, the Sun is radiating its essence at one of these extra-strong and spiritually-active Gates of the Avatar, but during this November the Moon is in polarity to the Sun and thus energizing the Taurus point of the zodiac associated with the same solar phenomenon that happens on May 5. All of this adds up to a more electrifying and psychically awakening Full Moon experience.

Meanwhile, early on Saturday November 22, there is a New Moon at the beginning of Sagittarius as the Sun enters this ninth sign of the zodiac only about three hours before both lights merge their influence. Any New Moon is a signal to earthlings to look ahead and build momentum for dynamic plans and enterprises. However, when the Sun has just arrived at the zodiacal sign and the Moon joins forces with the solar orb almost immediately thereafter, you have a much stronger-than-usual opportunity to make the entire 30-day journey of the Sun in that sign a truly profound and successful experience.

As November fades into the history books, our distant friends Neptune and Chiron will be reawakened again in all of our hearts and minds as the Moon unites with Neptune on November 28 and Chiron on November 29 while the last main sky configuration of the month is a square of 90-degrees between the ancient Messenger of the Gods planet Mercury and far-out, dreamy and imaginative Neptune. No matter what kinds of metaphorical cards – tarot, fortune telling or the regular deck of 52 and a joker – you are dealing with in your life as this month ends, you have the capacity to morph into a more divinely-aligned human soul as December begins.

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