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The Daily Cosmic Calendar, created by Mark Lerner, is an astrological "energy update,” detailing the energy the planets are exerting HOUR by HOUR as you move through your day. Whatever is currently happening in your life, the Daily Cosmic Calendar can help you to put it in perspective. It's a great service.

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SAT  NOV  1  All things considered, there is more to like about the start of November 2014 than to dislike. Any daily reader of this calendar knows that Halloween ended on a somewhat ambiguous lunar note with the Moon in Aquarius void and this uncertainty zone lasting until 9:38AM this morning. The only key aspect occurring with the void-of-course Moon cycle is an enthusiastic and mentally-exuberant, 60-degree rapport between Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Leo (5:45AM). Once the Moon enters compassionate and empathic Pisces (9:38AM) for a two-day adventure in the last sign of the zodiac, open any communication and education channels that were recently blocked or ignored. Some overall care and caution is suggested around the time that Vesta squares Chiron (12:31PM), but a trio of artistic and creative alignments follow as Venus contacts distant Pluto via a supportive, 60-degree sextile (4:10PM) while Mars and Neptune make the same alliance (4:44PM). Soul-searching, yoga, meditation, sacred dance, and other forms of psychic attunement are in the A-1 category of human activity as the Moon makes its monthly union with Neptune (5:47PM). Be on guard shortly thereafter as primary partnerships need a gentle touch due to a square formation between the Sun and Juno (6:45PM). The first day of this eleventh month ends on a positive note – courtesy of a flowing trine between Vesta in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries (10:00PM). Sisterhood and fellowship gatherings receive the cosmic thumbs-up sign.

SUN  NOV  2  You should have been able to gain some forward momentum during yesterday’s fairly upbeat beginning to November. The universe is providing you with additional opportunities to shine this morning as the Moon in Pisces makes a harmonious trine of 120-degrees with the Sun in Scorpio (1:11AM) while the Moon also trines love and beauty goddess Venus (4:57AM). Healing forces are back on the march – thanks to the monthly union of the Moon with shaman-oriented Chiron (6:57AM). Don’t be surprised if feelings of déjà vu and heightened simpatico occur between you and dear ones. These sentiments can certainly be magnified a few hours later when Mercury makes an inspirational, 72-degree liaison with Juno (10:07AM). Slow your tempo across the board in the couple of hours preceding a potentially caustic, 135-degree link between Mars and Jupiter (4:47PM). Any difficult tie between these celestial bodies can equate with a tendency to act quickly without considering the consequences. Like Saturday, this day ends on a triumphant note as the Sun parallels Venus (9:54PM) – where the parallel alignment, somewhat similar to a union in the zodiac, occurs when celestial bodies connect at the same number of degrees north or south of the Celestial Equator. The Sun and Venus together in this way can neutralize any shadowy forces unleashed earlier by the Mars-Jupiter encounter. In addition, love vibrations are now increasing in frequency as Sunday night morphs into early Monday morning.

MON  NOV  3  Venus made one key alignment on Saturday and two main aspects yesterday. Now, within less than four hours, Venus tries to grab humanity’s headlines by making a trio of stellar contacts as the traditional planet ruling love, romance and beauty forms a trine with wounded-healer Chiron in water signs (3:29AM), a contra-parallel with giant and often providential Jupiter (6:37AM), and an off-kilter, 150-degree link with eccentric and radical-change agent Uranus (7:05AM). Add on a 9+ hour void lunar twilight zone in Pisces (stretching from 1:06AM to 10:54AM) and a Sun-Jupiter contra-parallel (9:07AM), and it looks like there are several bumps and cautionary flags flying on this first workday in November. Yes, the Venus trine to Chiron has a nurturing, soothing touch, but the two other Venus aspects, the Sun and Jupiter in a potential clash of the titans, and a lengthy void-of-course Moon condition don’t augur for a cake walk when it comes to business as usual. Once the Moon enters fiery, assertive Aries (10:54AM), the cosmos offers an encouraging signal when the Sun makes one of two, annual, 60-degree supportive alliances with Pluto (2:52PM). Research and in-depth studies of any kind look promising under this powerful sky pattern. Stay on target with errands and plans later on as a square between the Moon and Mars (9:53PM) can jostle your emotions and send you on an unnecessary detour.

Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Daylight Time until Nov 1. Thereafter, calculations are for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.

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Mark Lerner has been a professional astrologer since 1972.
He publishes Earth Aquarius News, an online astrology journal
with a major focus on Mundane Astrology and has been
writing the Daily Cosmic Calendar since 1981. More about Mark.

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