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I am honored to offer my cosmic forecasts with my Reach for the Stars daily aspects. I will be perfecting this feature soon. Thank you for visiting…Warmly, Isha Lerner

Weekend update….
We've got a Scorpio moon through tomorrow, August 22nd, when the moon will enter visionary Sagittarius for opportunity to aim at your desired goals and destination. Pick up your heels tomorrow night and enjoy the last hours of Leo sun…then, early Sunday morning we move into Virgo territory, motivating the little squirrel in us all…sorry…couldn't help it…I love the image of us scurrying about gathering and preparing for the future. A big 'shout out' to all writers…a Mercury ruled sun inspires us to buckle down and do it. Mostly smooth sailing for the weekend except for a little bump Saturday morning when moon conjuncts Saturn…let it ride…grief, abandonment, fragility may come up…if so…get to the trees for an afternoon…they'll surely embrace your soul.

August 20th
Moon in Scorpio all day beginning with a moon sextile (favorable) aspect to Jupiter. Take a moment today to think good wishes and send out your blessings to the world. A moon square (a little challenging) Mars occurs this evening at 6:02 PM so watch out for frustrations or little bits of irritation that may arise. If there is something to discuss that is challenging with family or friends, be patient and kind. Take a moment before you speak and gather your focus accordingly. There is a lovely moon trine Neptune as the evening progresses and so sweetness does prevail and nips the day in the bud with harmonious potentials. 

August 19th
Moon will remain in Libra today until 7:56 PM when it moves into Scorpio. The day begins with a moon opposite Uranus at 6:41 AM inspiring sparks of insight that continue throughout the afternoon. Uranus in Aries gets billboard attention due to a trine with Venus in Leo…watch for magical chemistry with your beloved today and into the night. Tonight, Scorpio moon prompts emotional clearing….it's a deeply cleansing moon sign, especially if you are ready to give up long held judgments and resentment. All in all…the heart says 'Yes' to unimaginable bliss while the interior of emotion tugs at the sleeve of personal growth. The juggling act is worth the effort.

August 17th
Moon moves into Libra today at 1:23 PM PDT….and there's a lovely moon sextile Saturn that began our day….should turn out to be an even tempered afternoon and evening with assistance from an organic process of inner balance and ease. Enjoy the day...

August 14th 
New Moon in Leo: The Heart of the World Server

This new moon at 22 degrees Leo welcomes us to ask, ‘what is love?’ The seed of Awakened Love lies fertile in the heart of this New Moon. It may not seem so with the state of world events, however, change is afoot, and most likely, you can feel it. This potential for change is so deep and true there are times you will not recognize yourself, even in the midst of turmoil. 

Recently we have been witness to a beautiful celestial event, the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Leo. Now this new moon in Leo seeds a deeper expansion of love and offers an opportunity to massage the heart chakra.

I’ve noticed new awareness and desire in many of my clients recently, especially now that Venus has gone retrograde. Suddenly, it has felt as if all of one’s hopes, dreams and wishes around deep values and love have taken a step back to a more private inquiry of the heart. What is love, really? Where am I? Don’t be thrown if you feel a little like Dorothy on the yellow brick road. This new moon conjuncts Venus, and it activates the seed point of Venus retrograde. It brings the lunar, nighttime light that may trigger dreams, and yes, nightmares, too. It encourages you to ask: what do I need to learn?

It is a beautiful, promising new moon in the heart sign of Leo, and there are treasures to be discovered. But we can’t hold on too tight with the moon also trine Uranus. We’re walking a fiery/electric tightrope. Energy is quickened, surprising, and yes, shocking. We have to be alert; we have to be balanced and open to each little sign and mustn’t become indolent, lapsing into melancholia or the idealism of romanticism.

In the evening of the new moon, we’ll also experience the moon square Saturn. One may interpret this as the scale tipping back towards oneself, so that the romanticism of relationship becomes the romance of Self. In this manifestation, one is alone but not lonely. One is able find freedom from emotional setbacks if garnered at the highest level. Self-saboteur becomes allied with a deep longing for trust with Self. There is no other way to fulfill our quest for love.

Global affairs can appear dire as we balance this critical time-trajectory on planet earth. People are hurting, seeking, and wanting, and many are disillusioned. I have faith in Cosmic Truth and Justice, a force bigger than our egos and fears; a force of dynamic Karma that governs the soul of humanity. Many of us are fortunate to have choice, to choose how we navigate our daily intentions while others are not so fortunate. Yet, adversity and negativity weaken when surrounded by the energy of Love. Something grand and glorious lightens the soul when we choose to serve the world with integrity and faith.  

The late Dane Rudhyar shares the inspiration of 22 degrees Leo, the Sabian point of the New Moon.


Keynote: Spirituality, in terms of training for service to mankind.

This refers to spiritual energies which are being used constructively and which bring to the consciousness messages from other realms. Individual realizations acquire their true meaning only as they fulfill a collective function. This is the ideal of the WORLD SERVER.

As much as one longs for relationship and love, the recent Venus/Jupiter conjunction transported us to a larger relationship of service to the greater whole.

Today, with Venus retrograde conjunct the New Moon, we may come to realize our potential to shift our perspective toward greater Service. In practical ways, each individual will discover the way to serve; be it within the heart of prayers and meditations, or as aspirants of change through profound acts of service in world affairs. Either way, with a focus on Love…you will lead the way.

May the fertile seed of this New Moon inspire, uplift and heal the heart of humanity.

With Heart,

Isha Lerner

August 13th
Cosmic weather report: Mostly sunny in the heart with a moon in Leo and chances of incredible inspiration showers with sun trine Uranus. We are getting ready for the New Moon conjunct Venus….open your heart to cosmic rays of light and love. Truly. The seed of an awakened love is fertile. 
August 12th
A morning void moon turns into a fiery Leo moon at 1:52 PM. Take a moment to enjoy the shift from the watery energy into warming fire. Watch the sunset and heat up the passions for life. Later, at 6:12 PM we'll have a Mercury opposite Neptune aspect that can either fog up the lens of reality or shift the focus toward soulful dreaming and peaceful  surrender. A moon/Mars conjunction occurs at 7:00 PM. Consider the saying: Stay Calm and Carry On. It'll be the best solution to the little irritations that may arise. We're heading toward a New Moon so remember this is a time to retreat a a little bit. Give yourself time for rest amidst  the rising passions of Leo Moon. Be love and share your heart…
August 11th

The moon is steady in the sign Cancer all day today and continues to prompt opening in the feeling realm. Home, family, children, and some fine cooking get five stars, while inner emotions and awakenings tag along. Moon opposite Pluto began the day with a stirring of thoughts that provoke emotional tones. The evening may bring an unexpected highlight to inquiries and you may discover something vital regarding your needs. Jupiter moves into Virgo today and I expect we'll be hearing a lot more about details regarding aviation questions and travel. You can now make up your mind about that trip you've been thinking about. Have a great day...we can always find beauty in the smallest details.

Isha Lerner has worked in the field of astrology for over 35 years and is an ardent believer in the power of love that streams into our hearts from the galaxy of stars and planets. She is known for her insightful and intuitive work with astrology, tarot, and flower essences. She is an international best selling author and owner of the Power of Flower Healing Essence Company. If you would like to consult with her please click here: 

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