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About Solala

Solala has been working with the Book of Changes since discovering it in the late 60s. He has done in-depth study with Taoist master Ni, Hua Ching and uses master Ni’s translation (The Book of Changes and Unchanging Truth) as his primary source, though he often refers to other versions as well. In Master Ni’s school the I Ching is not only used as a divination tool but also as a tool for spiritual self-cultivation.

Solala has been studying the Taoist arts (I Ching, qigong, tai chi, qigong) for more than 25 years and is the author of 12 books on these subjects. He has also recorded four cds of meditation/tai chi/qigong/yoga music. In addition he leads yearly tours to China to study qigong and Taoist meditation in the sacred mountains of Wudang. Solala believes that his years of study and practice in Taoist self-cultivation have given him some insight into working with the I Ching and how to apply it to every aspect of our lives.

If you have a favorite or trusted version of the I Ching please have it on hand for reference. Solala has many versions of the Book of Changes and chances are he will have a copy of your favorite, but it would be good to have yours available to you as well.

He can be reached at solala@abodetao.com or see his website at http://www.CommunityAwake.com (under Abode of the Eternal Tao).

I Ching Readings with Solala Towler

Through the Book of Changes it is possible to receive guidance/information about the various forces that are influencing our situation at any point in time. It is how we work/play with these forces that creates our future. Any situation, no matter how challenging, can be used in this way to further one on the path of spiritual self-cultivation. Through the guidance of this ancient book, we learn how to flow with the changes life offers us instead of fighting them. The words and teachings of the ancient masters can help us see and understand more clearly any situation and give us the tools we need to use each present moment to create the future we seek.

For most single or two-part questions a half hour will suffice. However, we will need to be “on point” and succinct. If you have more questions or need a more in-depth session, I would suggest booking an hour-long appointment.

How I work

We will spend a few moments discussing your question, then we will be quiet together for a few moments so that I can tune into you and your situation. We can then use the system that I learned from my teacher, which uses seeds referred to as “Wise Decision” seeds. I will take pinches of the seeds and count them, thereby coming up with an odd or even number, which gives us each of our yang or yin lines, for a total of six lines. I do not use the changing lines system, as it is taught that one’s response to the present situation will determine one’s future. However, we do often ask for more specific information about one or more of the six lines of the hexagram. Or we can use the more traditional coin method, if you prefer, in which we get one or more “changing line.” It is entirely up to you.

Suggestions for asking questions of the I Ching

It is not appropriate to ask yes/no questions of the I Ching. Therefore, if you need to make a decision about something it is better to ask two related questions, for example: 1) What would be the outcome if I did plan A; and 2) What would be the outcome if I did plan B? Sometimes doing plan A looks very good and you might feel tempted to go ahead with it, but then when we look at plan B, it turns out to be even better!

Other types of questions/issues we could look at

What do I need to know/hear right now for my spiritual evolution?
Please give me guidance about my life path.
I am thinking of moving to a new location.
I am thinking of a new career.
I am seeking guidance on pursuing/not pursuing a new relationship.
I am seeking guidance on a business decision.
What do I need to know about my present situation so that I may move forward in a balanced and clear fashion?
Health concerns:
How serious is this?
How should I move forward?
Choice of a doctor?
How can my higher self/inner guidance help with this situation?
Also, feel free to come up with your own questions/concerns!

How to prepare for the consultation

Sit for a while and meditate on your question. The more centered and clear you are the easier it will be for the I Ching to speak to you. Clear your heart/mind to receive guidance, in whatever form it comes.

I Ching Readings With Solala Towler

1/2 Hour New Year's I Ching Reading - CRST-004
Price: $50.00  

Use the ancient wisdom of the I Ching for guidance for the coming year. Business decisions, personal relationships, health issues, and spiritual practice are all areas that you can use this Daoist tool of divination and self-cultivation for.

1/2 Hour Session - CRST-001
Price: $50.00  

1 Hour Session - CRST-002
Price: $100.00  

1 Hour Birthday I Ching Reading - CRST-103
Price: $100.00  

Much like having a solar return chart done on the birthday of your present incarnation, a birthday I Ching reading can help you focus on the year ahead and what are your strengths and weaknesses (or opportunities and challenges).

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