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Silversword is a very special flower featured in the "Power of Flowers Healing Essence Company." Isha Lerner has been researching the Silversword essence for over fifteen years. She was introduced to the Silversword in 1974 on a backpacking trip through the inner slopes of Haleakala Crater located on the island of Maui, the only place on earth the Silversword grows.

Latin: Argyroxiphium macrocephalum


Color(s): Reddish Purple


Archetype: Celestial Light-Bearer. Silver Sword, a most unusual, other-worldly plant species, may have been brought to Earth from some other dimension for our spiritual edification. Rare plants, celestial music, exquisite art, and intuitive senses - are but a few of the divine gifts humans have been given to uplift the soul and advance the evolutionary process.


Signature: Exclusive to Hawaii, and having a very delicate root system, it blooms in a rotund cluster of silvery, curved, spiky leaves. It remains in this configuration for over a decade, after which, a spectacular stalk of reddish-purplish florets emerge from its core, growing to a height of 3-6 feet. This most unusual plant is being carefully monitored in order to prevent extinction.


Healing: The presence of the Silver Sword card is a rare gift. You have a heightened sensitivity and are, indeed, opening to new levels of awareness at this time. The luminous colors emanating from the Light Bearer's hands and above the Silver Sword flowers are waves of vibratory healing available to you at this time. Archetypically, the presence of this beautiful being indicates that you are bringing special gifts to the Earth through your Divine Love and Intelligence. Yoga and breathing exercises would be beneficial to you now. Sit with your back straight and aligned, allowing the energies to move freely.

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(Argyroxiphium macrocephalum)

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Our Spectacular Silversword Flower Essence

Healing Properties: Silversword is very rare, with a high vibratory frequency. It releases encoded information stored in the miasmas (or cellular memory bank), completely opening one's energy centers and aligning one's body with the next seven chakras above the crown. It cuts through the illusion of ordinary reality and unveils the curtain that separates us from our highest aspirations and healing. When the individual is ready to be 'fully seen' and ready for their truest soul work, Silversword is the best flower to take as a remedy.

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