How Are Essences Made?

It is not feasible to generate enough flower essences for a growing population by collecting dew from the plant; therefore, a more efficient alchemical process has been developed. The system involves placing flower petals or plant leaves and stems in a clear glass or crystal bowl of clear spring water which is then set in the sun for a certain prescribed period of time so that the healing properties of the flower can be transferred from the flower to the water. The soul consciousness of the person collecting the essence is an important part of the equation, as is the placement of moon, stars and planets, at the time the essence is made. Once the essence or pattern of the flower is transferred to the water, the water is carefully collected in sterilized Mother Stock bottles and preserved with an equal amount of preservative, and made available for use.

When the elixir is complete, the pattern, or energy medicine, of the flower has been released into the water. With the aid of Kirlean photography, beautiful shapes and designs can be seen in each individual water droplet, revealing the unique qualities of the particular flower essence. Nature has various ways of showing herself to us. Our greatest mysteries are imprinted in our own souls in the form of refined energetic etchings, which we then seek to replicate. Each flower essence resonates a tone, frequency, color and light body that mirrors aspects of human development and evolution. Nature and humanity work hand in hand in order to interweave divine love with the experience of incarnation and earth consciousness. It is nothing less than a beautiful art, a divine work of spiritual principles, for the essences balance, refine and engage each individual with a greater understanding of nature, the earth kingdom and the alchemical mysteries: As Above, So Below.

Helpful Notes and Ideas for Flower Essence Makers

Listed below are some of the items you will need to make an essence:

  • Clear glass bowl (not a cut crystal bowl as the pattern of the cut crystal will infuse into the essence)
  • Boston Round amber bottles (one quart-size bottle for the Mother Stock and two, 1 1/2 ounce dropper bottles for storage and remedy preparation)
  • Sterilized funnel
  • Beakers
  • Long surgery tweezers
  • Tongs
  • Clean cotton gloves
  • Clean flat plate
  • Brandy, vodka or vinegar to act as a preservative
  • Clear spring water
  • Notebook and journal
  • Mosquito net, if out in the woods or mountain slopes
  • Large hotpad mitts to put your bottle of Mother Stock in after it has been prepared to protect it from heat and breakage
  • A sturdy backpack to carry tools and items if hiking out in the woods or mountains
  • A wild flower handbook or guide
  • Crystal gemstone to place near the bowl for protection and clearing of energy
  • Bonsai cutting sheers
  • A sunny day with few or patchy clouds

It is best to begin preparation in the early morning. Gather all tools and needed items, attune to the area where you wish to make the essence, and try to get the essence going by 9:00 or 9:30 a.m. The essence will take 2 1/2 to 3 hours to make.

Identify the flowers you wish to gather in the most non-intrusive manner possible. The less contact you have with the natural space and the plant, itself, the better. Note where you will place the bowl of spring water and place it there, ready to receive the flowers before you pick the blossoms. I check my essence every now and then, however, I do not go very near as I am aware of the magic circle of fairy light that is weaving this elixir into a healing remedy. I donít want to disturb this process.

One develops an enchanting relationship with nature when making essences. I have prepared many essences far into the wild woods and mountains where the purest and freshest wild flowers live, and have had some engaging encounters with animals and birds while doing so. Hummingbirds have hovered and sat on the edge of the essence bowl, eagles have flown in circle overhead and various owls have paid their respects. Try it yourself and see what happens!

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