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Vibrational Healing and the Work of Dr. Edward Bach

Pioneering work in the fields of vibrational medicine has brought to our attention the properties of high frequency healing and progressive medicine. The word vibration has become synonymous with energy, for we have learned that our bodies are fields of vibrating energy. Contained within each person's energetic field are at least seven major energy centers known as Chakras. The relationship of these centers to physical and spiritual well-being has been studied by Eastern teachers and religious adepts since antiquity. Fortunately, due to a resurgence of interest in esoteric matters, we are once again able to benefit from this kind of study. As we re-educate ourselves in this way, it is imperative that we study the energetic fields and vibrational patterns of the natural world, for we deny the wisdom of Mother Nature at our own peril.

One of the great names in the field of vibrational healing is Dr. Edward Bach, the founding father of Bach Flowers Essences which he brought to the attention of the medical establishment in England in the 1930s. Dr. Bach was a sensitive and contemplated man who dedicated his life to humanity, tirelessly seeking ways to alleviate human suffering and bring comfort to the human spirit.

A medical doctor steeped in the integral field of homeopathy, Dr. Bach began to case study the healing effects of the flower's essence, which he had discovered while collecting dewdrops from plants at dawn. Theorizing that such drops contained energy patterns or signatures of the plants from which they were derived, he further supposed that when ingested by human beings, the essence of the various flowers would match vibrational patterns stored within the genetic miasma, or memory banks, of the human body.

These memory centers determine an individual's propensity for disease and emotional, mental and spiritual suffering, which eventually manifest as illness unless overcome through conscious living and an alignment or balancing of the entire system of the human body. Not all people are able to recover from an illness, although they may take the same medication as others who have the same illness. Dr. Bach was able to distinguish different character types, constitutions and karmic conditions that individualize each patient's "body blueprint" and circumstances. Consequently, he experimented with the application of flower essences as a way to heal his patients' internal fears, frustrations, anger, hopelessness, etc., that had created obstacles to full recovery.

How fortunate for us that Dr. Bach was such an astute observer of the plant kingdom, for his theories have proven correct. His 38 remedies have aided humanity for over sixty years, inspiring other, like minded individuals to engage in similar efforts creating new varieties of flowers essences for the greater good.

Such operational healing modalities are, in general, not new. Flower essences no doubt existed long before Dr. Bach's discovery, for example. In fact, it is conjectured by mystics and historians alike that they were widely in use in Atlantis, Lemuria and, of course, ancient Egypt. Similarly, sound and color vibrations are thought to have played a very significant and therapeutic role in Egypt. Also, China has embraced flowers for their healing properties for centuries and the art of gem healing was and continues to be a common practice throughout Asia.

The process by which a flower creates its own elixir is nothing less than alchemical, for the four elements are readily available and vital to the process. Earth sustains the seed and the root system; air offers oxygen and wind, helping to fertilize the plant; fire, in the form of sunlight, brings light and growth, offering the planet toward the heavens; and water feeds the plant, expanding its properties in order that it may produce the dew.

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