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Use this quick glossary to help you define what flower essence may work best for your needs.

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(Angelica archangelica)

Healing Properties:Angelica helps establish a firm connection between the refined, subtle realm of angelic light surrounding us and the tangible material world which ground sand anchors us to earth. Once such a link is made, we are given the inner strength and stamina required for pursuing our life's destiny.

Angel's Trumpet
(Datura candida)

Healing Properties:Angel's Trumpet offers its trumpet-like call, heralding a time of transformation and rebirth. It is especially helpful for those in transition,those resisting letting go of material attachments, or those engaged in the literal dying process. This essence is so wonderful for those who are ready to release and free their souls unto the Divine.

Apple Blossom
(Malus communis)

Healing Properties:Apple blossom purifies the emotions, assists the body in ridding itself of poisons from the past, and restores hope to one's inner life. The essence goes to the core healing, and opens one to the inner star that resides within the heart. This essence has a way of purifying the aura so that one may bear the fruit of new dreams and aspirations.

Black Cohosh
(Cimicifuga racemosa)

Healing Properties:Black Cohosh envelopes and balances the emotional and mental realms, and helps one find the inner courage and strength to overcome addictive patterns and emotional dependencies which can undermine self-confidence and self-esteem. True liberation can follow. Referred to as a "woman's plant" for its estrogen-like qualities which soothe menstrual cramps and assist in childbirth.

Bleeding Heart
(Dicentra formosa)

Healing Properties:Bleeding Heart essence purifies and strengthens the heart chakra, as well as all emotions concerning love, bringing an open-hearted attitude and soothing the emotions so that one may re-invite the spirit of love into one's soul body. It offers unconditional love to the wounded healer in all of us and is especially healing for those who have a broken heart due to great loss.

(Raminculus bulbosus)

Healing Properties:Buttercup carries a blessing of quiet surrender, helping to restore and heal the inner child and helping us remember the creative gifts we carry into this world. The spirit of the sacred child arises within the human heart when this remedy is taken, helping us to see the truth of who we really are. This is aperfect essence for children, and any person who wishes to restore the inner treasures of self-esteem of self-love.

California Poppy
(Eschsholzia califormica)

Healing Properties:California Poppy carries within it the radiant heights of summer and the majesty of the sunlight. It helps to expand one's vision to include the auric fields of flowers, plants, trees, animals, human beings and other beings found in nature. Known as "The Cup of Gold," California Poppy essence creates a chalice within the heart so that one may receive the virtues of light,intuition and inner abundance.

Calla Lily

Healing Properties:Calla Lily purifies, rejuvenates and balances one's spiritual-sexual nature,gently reuniting masculine and feminine principles within the individual and thereby expanding one's notion of sexual identity. This is a wonderful remedy for those who wish to share a sexual/spiritual bond within a relationship context and is best taken, as a relationship healer, together with your partner.

(Ficus carica)

Healing Properties:Fig is capable of restoring and enhancing memory, and is excellent when doing past-life or early-childhood regression work. It also balances one's male and female elements at the cellular level, bringing the right and left hemispheres of the brain into a state of equilibrium and restoring deep wisdom to the body. In addition, it helps with the conception process for those finding it difficult to conceive.

(Fuchsia hybrida)

Healing Properties:Fuchsia assists one in accepting long-repressed emotions, whether from this or other lifetimes, and embracing one's long-submerged and neglected grief,pain and suffering. Often, through this process, the Divine Child within is revealed.

Glacier Lily
(Erythronium montanum)

Healing Properties: This lovely wild lily grows near the spring water's edge as it ripples down the mountain and into the meadow. It shares its home with Indian Paintbrush and Shooting Star along the meadow green. Its sweet,shy appearance reminds us to lift our heads and unfurl the grace that lives within.The essence bestows strength among the humble souls who often feel unseen or unheard, invoking a willingness to share one's true natural gifts with others. It is especially wonderful to take with Shooting Star.

(Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)

Healing Properties:Hibiscus energizes the first and second chakras, undoing blockages in the lower back and spine, and healing reproductive ailments, including infertility problems, frigidity or lack of feeling, as well as acting as a balm for long-held scars of sexual trauma. The essence assists in releasing pent up creative forces within the womb area and literally sets one free to dance again in life. The essence stimulates sexuality and passion.

Indian Paintbrush
(Castilleja miniata)

Healing Properties: Indian Paintbrush is for those who engage in highly creative work. For anyone with a tendency toward low energy and exhaustion,difficulty in rousing vital forces to sustain the intensity of creative work and inability to bring creative forces in to physical expression. Indian paintbrush helps in regaining lively, energetic creativity with exuberant artistic activity.


Healing Properties:Iris unblocks old patterns of self-limitation and stagnation, inspiring us to the heights of beauty and grace, and restoring a path to art and creativity.Known as the "Paintbrush to the Soul," Iris is connected to the Rainbow Goddess Iris and is one of the best remedies to promote healing when one may feel dried up. Iris moistens the terrain of the soul force, enabling one to connect with the warmth and flow of creative energies.

(Lavandula officinalis)

Healing Properties:The pure, clean aroma of Lavender washes one's energetic field, and soothes and heals a shattered soul force when mental and spiritual properties have become overly burdened. It also assists with negative "self-talk" and encourages one to rest peacefully, knowing you are never alone on your healing journey. Lavender essence also cools down an overly hot, or active,adrenal flow, so that one may sleep, or meditate with greater success.

(Nelumbo nucifrea)

Healing Properties:Lotus stimulates the seventh (crown) chakra to open to Divine inspiration and Spiritual liberation. Your yearning for enlightenment is witnessed, honored and fulfilled. Lotus holds the key to spiritual liberation and freedom.

(Arctostaphyos manzanita)

Healing Properties:Manzanita brings harmony to body and soul, helping to uplift one's attitude concerning body image, assisting people suffering from eating disorders of any kind, and helping those sensitive, spiritually-attuned souls who find the body cumbersome. It is a fine remedy for those who are unhappy with their physical form due to age, weight or poor self-esteem. Manzanita will open the individual to the beauty and essence of their physical body, thus restoring the gift of incarnation.

Morning Glory
(Ipomoea purpurea)

Healing Properties:Morning Glory awakens the spirit, attuning the individual to his or her own shimmering brilliance and vitality. It can serve as a rejuvenating tonic,melting away patterns of lethargy or inertia and allowing one to feel embraced by the jubilant forces of nature. Morning Glory rises up in the early morning with an eager will to meet the rising sun in the great blue sky.

Mountain Pride
(Penstemen newberryl)

Healing Properties:Lending courage to the spiritual seeker, Mountain Pride assists in aligning one's motivations with purity and honesty, empowering the individual to speak from her heart and act with conviction and common sense in order to achieve her destiny. This essence assists those who wish to define and activate their purpose in life, and helps one envision new goals and aspirations.

Nootka Rose

Healing Properties:Each color of the Rose gently and uniquely stimulates the heart chakra to open to Cosmic Love and Wisdom, sometimes understood and experienced only through suffering and pain. Deep roots reflect tenacity and endurance. This flower essence heals and stimulates the heart chakra, offering new found peace and love within. It is pure love in a bottle.

(Bauhinia forticata)

Healing Properties:Orchid greatly enhances one's sensuality and divine pro-creative forces,seeking to refine the raw drive of sexual desire.

Oriental Poppy
(Paparer orientale)

Healing Properties:Oriental Poppy beckons us to journey into the mysteries of creative visualization and dream journaling, as used by ancient Shamans. Oriental Poppy is an excellent remedy for those wishing to enhance their clairvoyant and telepathic skills.

(Viola Wittrockiana)

Healing Properties: The Pansy has been called "Herb Trinity" due to the fact that it has three colors in one flower. The shape of the pansy leads the Devonshire folk to call it "Heart-Pansy," as well as "Heart's-Ease," or "Heart Seed." Pansy is an immune builder as it draws out from within the individual the purest quality of heart and mind. As a flower essence, pansy helps us to face the world, thereby, strengthening our courage to share our beauty with the world.This flower essence clears negative thoughts and opens the heart chakra.

Passion Flower
(Passiflora incarnata)

Healing Properties:Passion Flower helps us understand the deepest possible meaning of our own personal suffering, after which it assists in the ascent to our truest calling of service on the planet. It seeks to purify the kundalini forces which coil upward around the spine, strengthening one's connection to selfless service and unconditional love, as well as drawing one closer to angelic messengers and galactic star patterns. Passion Flower essence draws one close to the force of forgiveness and sets one free from the feeling of condemnation or a feeling of having been "crucified' in this or a past life.Pansy is an important flower essence to protect against virus and immune disorders.

(Pholx Diffusa)

Healing Properties: Phlox covers the earth with sweet adorning flowers that cling to the mossy ground like a welcoming carpet to the birds and the bees. As a flower essence, phlox brings peace and softens aggression. It is a sweet drink to the soul, embracing and cloaking one with calming influences.It is a wonderful essence to take when one's environment is challenged with tension or when one needs a gentle sleeping tonic.

(Punica Granatum)

Healing Properties:A symbol of fertility, pomegranate restores self-nurturing and regenerates fertility on all levels, helping to identify long-buried emotional needs,especially in relation to the mother, childbearing and creative issues.

Purple Water Lily

Healing Properties:Similar to the Lotus, the Purple Water Lily gently assists in the process of spiritual rebirth. Having a profound effect on the crown and brow chakras, it assists with opening channels of communication with one's higher self, aswell as with vast, unseen worlds by enabling the human body to absorb higher light frequencies.

Queen of the Night
(Cereus greggii)

Healing Properties:Queen of the Night assists in balancing one's yin qualities by opening channels to the womanly gifts and secrets buried in the deep places of their psyches. It is a valuable tool for women during the changing cycles of life,helping us to age gracefully and honor the subtle grace of the aged. (Not available as a stock practitioner flower essence. Must be purchased in stock strength from Desert Alchemy)

(Artemisia caucasica)

Healing Properties:Sagebrush purifies the heart, mind and body, accelerating personal evolution.Sagebrush helps us to see through our well- worn patterns, addictions and attachments so negative thought forms and self-effacing habits can be eliminated. Combined with California Poppy, it is a wonderful essence forfreeing one's self from drug addiction, or any other form of addictive behavior.

Saguaro Cactus
(Cereus giganteus)

Healing Properties:Saguaro Cactus can help individuals align vertically to a higher order of personal authority and integrity. Father issues are eased and it is especially helpful for those who have lost a father at an early age or experienced paternal abandonment at or before birth. This essence is very good for those who are wishing to heal the "male" energies within.

Shooting Star
(Dodeatheon hendersonii)

Healing Properties:Shooting Star is most beneficial to those who feel alienated from various aspects of early childhood and suffer deeply for it. It re-patterns the soul force and reconnects them to their true, cosmic origins, allowing them to embrace earthly existence and offer their special gifts to the more earth-bound beings in their midst. Especially helpful for children with traumatic births, but a potent elixir for curing alienation on all levels.

(Argyroxiphium macrocephalum)

Healing Properties:Silver Sword is a very rare and special essence with a high vibrational frequency which grows only in Haleakala Crater on the island of Maui, Hawaii.It releases encoded information stored in the miasmas (or cellular memory bank), completely opening one's energy centers and aligning one's body with the seven chakras above the crown. It cuts through the illusion of ordinary reality and lifts the curtain that separates us from our highest aspirations and healing. When the individual is ready to be fully seen and ready for their truest soul work, Silversword is the best flower to take as a remedy.


Healing Properties:Sunflower helps to balance the first chakra, assisting with healing the masculine and feminine archetypes so that one may come to rest safely in one's own power. The essence allows for the emergence of courage and self-confidence as one step into new roles of service and leadership.

(Trillium Oratum)

Healing Properties: The essence of Trillium offers the virtues of balance between the material plane and the spiritual plane. It assists one in understanding the bounty of love, abundance and earthly pleasures by way of its three-petaled shape, which reflects the Trinity and the lore of the feminine. The bulb of this flower was once made into a powder and rubbed on the body as a "love medicine." When the heart is opened Trillium will align the individual's energy toward abundance and goodwill for all. Those who have a fear regarding money or monetary gain or loss will do well to take the Trillium essence.

(Viola Orbiculata)

Healing Properties:Violet is especially attuned to highly-evolved and fragile souls, assisting with self-liberation, self-expression and individuation, while retaining the refined and tender qualities of their feminine beauty. In a sense, violet flowers call out "Come and see me," thereby, balancing a force of receptive beauty with a new-found personal will. The Purple Violet bridges the virtues and qualities of the violet with the inner foundation of self-worth and courage.

Wall Flower
(Erysimum Asperum)

Healing Properties: On the mountain slopes, Wall Flower's bright yellow glow is seen in little splashes here and there. Often standing alone, one can see how the term "Wall Flower" became associated with those who stand in the background of a social event, not feeling as though they can join in. WallFlower assists those who feel alone, shy, lonely, or unable to meet the social protocol of a party, social event, dance, or any group activity. Its yellow hue connects to the solar plexus, or third chakra, and brightens one's inner hope and courage along with a new-found Self Will.

(Zinnia elegans)

Healing Properties:Zinnia enhances one's ability to rediscover the child-like qualities of playfulness, joy, delight, unconditional love and a spirit of lighthearted innocence and adventure. This is a very good essence for the elderly, or for any person who may be suffering from a lack of joy or energy due to age,illness, or depression.

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