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Karmic Imprint Power Mapping

Power Mapping is a three-session program created by Isha Lerner using the astrological chart as a map for defining one's master plan or soul's journey, revealing primary life challenges, karmic imprints, life destiny codes, and healing potentials, plus current cycles and short and long-term goals. This powerful, precise and accurate method offers a route through which the individual may navigate toward ever increasing levels of success and personal fulfillment.

Significant planetary aspects with Saturn, Chiron, pertinent asteroids and the Moon are carefully analyzed. Current planetary positions, including the progressed Moon cycle and notable "outer planet" transits are reviewed. Once the basic principles pertaining to these key markers are explained, crucial astrological insights are easily understood and effectively applied to one's everyday life.

Here's How It Works:

We schedule one session per week for three weeks. The sessions are broken down into the following categories:

First Session Power Mapping the Past: This session identifies deep seated soul patterns and karmic imprints, your master destiny plan, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual blocks and lessons from the past, and a charted analysis of the character blueprint or "free will" potential inherent within the birth map. This session informs you of the "big picture" and an objective view of all that has led you to your present life reality. You are given the opportunity to unveil the karmic conditions from the past. When an individual is brought to full consciousness, they may respond more effectively to challenging circumstances allowing for new found freedoms from limiting thought-constructs, behaviors and fears.

Second Session Power Mapping the Present: We are now ready to assess the individual's current life situation. What conditions has the individual chosen to live in accordance with? Are they limiting? How is one progressing along the course of this present life? What new opportunities lie ahead? Are there choices and decisions needed in order to clarify present day situations? We examine the 'NOW' and from this vantage point, we can assess future plans.

Third Session Power Mapping the Future: Together, we will design the clearest and most effective way for the individual to navigate into the future. This plan creates a course of action that calls upon one's "highest will," mapping out a practical and expedient way toward personal happiness, career goals, rewarding relationships and true empowerment and liberation. The individual will be given a seven year plan from which the "free will" is offered a guide toward conscious living and personal success.

(Learn Power Mapping: Isha has designed a seminar in which she teaches this system to other professional astrologers and counselors. Please contact Isha at 541-683-5907 if you would like to have a personal Power Mapping Session or schedule a Power Mapping Seminar in your area. The cost for each individual participant is $1,750. This cost includes a very intensive instruction based program that will secure within you the base knowledge of the three-step process of Power Mapping. Power Mapping is best suited for those who work with deep-seated patterns in the context of in-depth counseling.)

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