Words from Edward Bach

"There are great qualities in which all men and women are gradually perfecting themselves, possibly concentrating upon one or two at a time. They are those which have been manifested in the earthly lives of all the great masters who have, from time to time, come into the world to teach us, and help us to seethe easy and simple ways of overcoming all our difficulties. These are such as: LOVE, SYMPATHY, PEACE, STEADFASTNESS, GENTLENESS, STRENGTH, UNDERSTANDING, TOLERANCE, WISDOM,FORGIVENESS, COURAGE, and JOY.

And it is by perfecting these qualities in ourselves that each one of us is raising the whole world a step nearer to its final unthinkably glorious goal. We realize then that we are seeking no selfish gain or personal merit, but that every single human being, rich or poor, high or low, is of the same importance in the Divine Plan, and is given the same mighty privilege of being a savior of the world simply by knowing that he/she is a perfect child of the Creator.

As there are these qualities, these steps to perfection, so there are hindrances, or interferences which serve to strengthen us in our determination to stand firm. These are the real causes of disease, and are of such as: RESTRAINT, FEAR, RESTLESSNESS, INDECISION, INDIFFERENCE, WEAKNESS, DOUBT, OVER-ENTHUSIASM, IGNORANCE, IMPATIENCE, TERROR, and GRIEF.

Real health is happiness and happiness so easy of attainment because it is happiness in small things, doing the things that we really love to do, being with the people that we truly like. There is no strain, no effort, no striving for the unattainable. Health is there for us to accept any time we like."

All words written by Edward Bach, from The Original Writings of Edward Bach

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