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Isha is an internationally-acclaimed astrologer, best known for her groundbreaking work related to karmic imprints and past-life astrology (Power Mapping). She is also highly-regarded for her expertise in Flower Essence healing and Tarot interpretation.

Isha co-authored the best-selling Inner Child Cards: A Fairy Tale Tarot (published 1993 by Bear and Company) which illustrates the transformative relationship between fairy tales and human development. The Inner Child Cards have been translated into eight languages worldwide. In 2001, Bear and Company published the companion book The Inner Child Card's Workbook.

She is also co-author of The Triple Goddess Tarot, The Power of Flowers book/deck set and The Tarot of the Four Elements. A long-time writer for numerous periodicals, including Welcome to Planet Earth, Healing Currents, Planet Lightworker and Children of the New Earth, she has also been a guest columnist for several newspapers and journals.

The foundations of Isha's work are the 'out of body events' and mystical communion with the world of Nature she experienced during her childhood years. In her late teens, she discovered the pioneering work of Robert Monroe (1915-1995). His book 'Journeys Out of the Body' brought her great healing and triggered a lifetime of passionate explorations in metaphysics and the integral study of mysticism.

While living in the Hawaiian Islands in her late teens and early twenties, Isha pursued her fascination with nature, developing an intensive relationship with it in the process. During a backpacking journey on the island of Kauai in1974, she learned of the Findhorn Foundation community in Northern Scotland whose work focused on the co-creation between humanity, nature, and the divine. Within three months a powerful synchronicity had her on her way to Scotland where she was privileged to live and work in the Findhorn Foundation for three and a half years.

Her work has grown out of the powerful impact of those early years of personal growth and the experiences of global connectedness they brought her.

She lives in Eugene, Oregon where she has raised three daughters: Gabriella, Katya and Sophia. Isha recently merged her company, Isha Lerner Enterprises, with Inner Sight, LLC. She is one of Inner Sight's managing partners as well as its Chief Marketing Officer.

One last interesting genealogical note: in 1914 Isha's great uncle, Judge John H. Freschi, presided over the groundbreaking case of the astrologer Evangeline Adams who was accused of fortune telling. Judge Freschi ultimately dismissed all charges against the defendant after she did an extremely accurate reading of the Judge's son's chart, saying, "The defendant raises astrology to the dignity of an exact science."


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Tarot Session with Isha Lerner - CRIL-005
Price: $95.00  

A complete life spread session using your choice of one of Isha’s Tarot decks: The Inner Child Cards; Triple Goddess Tarot; or Tarot of the Four Elements.

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