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Quick Peek Astrology Session Special

Receive a "Quick Peek" Astrology session to see what is urgent in your chart and a "Mini" 3-card Tarot Reading from the deck of your choosing.

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Quick Peek Astrology Session Special PLUS Essence

Receive a "Quick Peek" Astrology session to see what is urgent in your chart and a "Mini" 3-card Tarot Reading from the deck of your choosing plus Isha will recommend and send you a prescribed flower essence.

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30 Minute Crisis Counsel or Update Session

Isha Lerner will get to the core of current challenges as a means to pin point the deeper under layer of blocks, obstacles, fears, and ‘the stuff of life’ that is in need objective clarity. Crisis Council can address relationship, career, health, finances, anxiety issues, depression and other maladies causing dissonance within daily life. This session will open the door to an energized understanding of the situation and daily life.

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Flower Essence Consultation

Isha will prescribe Flower Essences for you using your astrological chart and a practitioner interview to determine the emotional issues on hand. (Two Flower Essences included)

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Karmic Imprint Power Mapping

Power Mapping is a three-session program created by Isha Lerner using the astrological chart as a map for defining one's master plan or soul's journey, revealing primary life challenges, karmic imprints, life destiny codes, and healing potentials, plus current cycles and short and long-term goals. This powerful, precise and accurate method offers a route through which the individual may navigate toward ever increasing levels of success and personal fulfillment.

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Full Astrological Session with Isha Lerner

This is the works! A complete one-hour consultation with Isha will provide a profound understanding of your destiny, purpose, challenges, talents, and relationship patterns, working on an intuitive level with the intention to serve all levels of soul lessons including the unconscious issues that may block the joy in your life. This session includes transits, progressions, and asteroids.

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 Include Astrocartogaphy +$50.00
New Born and Child Chart

Isha refers to the chart of the newborn as the ‘Little Instruction Manuel of the Soul.’ Having raised three daughters of her own, Isha understands how useful a child’s chart can be to parents, guardians, and siblings. This session will give you the key notes of the chart, highlighting gifts, treasures, little challenges, and aspects that will help others nurture and care for the child with the deepest respect, love, and compassion. Highly recommended!

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Astrology/Tarot Combo

Isha Lerner has been studying the tarot as an art, an archetypal study, and a healing oracle that outlines the ‘hero’s journey,’ that offers an intuitive perspective on many aspects of life. Combined with an astrological chart this session offers a profound look into your life with astute perceptions.

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Mentorship with Isha Lerner

Astrology, Tarot, or Flower Essence Therapy

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