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Ancient Mystery Schools engaged in powerful rites of shamanic death and rebirth, which gave initiates direct access to their own inner knowing. Join us here as we explore the esoteric arts in a modern context.

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Recommended Publications & Music CDs

In this new social media world, there are more opportunities than time to pursue them all. We are delighted to make it easier for you to find some of the materials that relate to what you might be hearing from in our podcasts. These are works we see as being of great value and many will make excellent gifts.

Authors include William Joseph, Scott Mulhern and Elizabeth Burke, to name a few. The music of Solala Towler is featured in our selection of CDs.

Please visit our Recommended Publications & Music CDs section for a list of reading and listening offerings to assist you on your spiritual journey.

Global Touch

Our global community is growing by leaps and bounds and we are so grateful and excited to have the opportunity to share love and healing around the globe. Check here periodically to learn about our activities throughout the US and worldwide as we continue to expand our horizons.

Guest Blogger

Addictions and the Ultimate Cure
with JMichael Fields of Inspirations

In a BBC documentary on addictions last year (2012) they came to some wonderful conclusions. They examined with Brian Cox hosting (Theatre and Film Actor) the addictions to sugar, opium, alcohol and tobacco. It showed that addiction was inevitable as the desire and want part of the brain can never be satisfied because the fulfilment part of the brain doesn't register it.

I have worked for years with this facing the addictions and bit by bit they have diminished leaving only self love. First alcohol in 1984 then chocolate and tobacco addiction in 1994. Sugar comes and goes but I donít need to grab eat chocolate and sweeties.

Bloom of the Day

Surrender is not weakness. There is great strength in it. - Eckhart Tolle

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