The far-reaching branches of the Tarot serve as a foundation for the many influences and faces it has acquired throughout time. Come along with us into a world of sacred imagery and insight.

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Inner Child Tarot

by Isha Lerner & Mark Lerner
Illustrated by Christopher Guilfoil

A best-selling tarot deck, with 78 beautifully-illustrated cards of child-like whimsy and wonder, illuminating the mystical meaning of fairy tales and the hero’s journey of the soul.

Inner Child Cards Workbook

Written by Isha Lerner
Illustrated by Christopher Guilfoil

Created to accompany the best-selling Inner Child Tarot Cards, this workbook contains further exercises and applications, as well as new insights into the unconscious world of universal symbolism.

Triple Goddess Tarot

Written by Isha Lerner
Illustrated by Mara Friedman

Consists of 22 Major Arcana Cards, referred to as Alchemy Cards, plus 4 additional Alchemy Cards, invoking a 26-step journey into the heart of the Sacred Feminine. Also included is a set of 7 chakra cards.

Tarot of the Four Elements

Written by Isha Lerner
Illustrated by Amy Ericksen

This innovative 78-card tarot deck calls forth a shamanic presence through its evocative imagery of primal symbols and tribal art forms from earth mythology and folklore.

Power of Flowers Deck/Book

New Edition! 

Written by Isha Lerner
Illustrated by Karen Forkish  

In this set of 32 exquisitely created divination cards, Isha Lerner combines flowers, the jewels of the botanical world, with the mythic archetypes of humanity. The entire set of flower essences associated with this book/deck set is also available.

Soul Types

Created by Susan Christhilf
Illustrated by Susan Christhilf

In the 1930’s, British physician, Dr. Edward Bach, identified thirty-eight flower essences at the heart of which lay twelve primary ones. These flowers and their essences represented not only twelve basic personalities among humankind, but more so twelve “life lessons,” one to be learned by an individual Soul during its lifetime for its spiritual evolution.

Archetype, Tarot, and Mysticism
with Isha Lerner

The Deeper Meaning of Childhood Stories

In 1990, while in the midst of writing Inner Child Cards: A Fairy Tale Tarot, I found myself cleaning the attic of my childhood home after my mother had passed away. In an old box of saved treasures, I discovered a book entitled The Very Tall Book of Fairy Tales. As a child, I had loved this book that my great-aunt had sent to me from England, and I had marked the tales that were my favorites with a check mark. Later in life, I had experienced the healing effect of researching and gaining new understanding about the deeper meaning of those tales that had touched my heart and soul as a child.

That same box contained a story I had written at the age of seven called "Buffy the Blind Man's Dog," which clearly identified patterns I was living out and seeking to understand at the time. In the first chapter, the blind man's dog gets killed by a reckless driver. The saga explores the issues of survival, truth, and healing. I was very moved to find this story and, in the revisiting of it, was able to gain a tremendous amount of compassion for my own healing journey. The experience taught me the power of first writing one's own story and then looking back upon that story with a measure of detachment, as if it were a fairy tale.

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Tarot Consultants

Isha Lerner
Isha Lerner

Isha is an internationally-acclaimed astrologer, best known for her groundbreaking work related to karmic imprints and past-life astrology (Power Mapping). She is also highly-regarded for her expertise in Flower Essence healing and Tarot interpretation.

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