Tarot Card of the Week: Cinderella from Inner Child Deck (September 8, 2014)

Cinderella from Inner Child Deck (September 8, 2014) Tarot Card of the Week:
Cinderella: The Moon
(Inner Child Book/Deck Set)

"So it was Cinderella's father who brought her the twig from the Hazel bush. She thanked him for it, and went out immediately and planted it on her mother's grave. Poor little Cinderella wept bitterly, and her tears fell on the twig and watered it. In a little while it grew to a beautiful tree, and here she would come three times a day and pray and weep." ~ "Cinderella," Grimm's Fairy Tales, 1891

Traditional Meaning:
Traditionally represented by a large lunar disc containing the face of a beautiful woman, The Moon indicates the activity of the spirit, foresight, and individual regeneration through awareness of the feeling-world, the emotions, which sometimes are an aspect of the shadow itself. The Moon represents our emotional patterns and needs, our sensitivity, and past. It symbolizes the inner feminine, influencing the relationships and nurturance that we cultivate.

Fairy Tale Lore:

The story of Cinderella teaches us about the virtues of service as a means toward initiation. At the beginning of the story, Cinderella shows us that we must water our life with faith and the acceptance of our loss and sorrow. the hazelnut branch that her father offers her is buried at the grave of her deceased mother. Each day, as she weeps over the branch, her tears moisten the earth, enabling the branch to grow into a beautiful Tree of Life that will attract all the birds of the heavens. The birds, an aspect of the holy Mother, assist her with the tasks of the wicked stepmother. in the old Grimm version, the original fairy Godmother is represented by the birds in the heavenly tree; these birds represent Cinderella's spiritual forces at work.

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