Tarot Card of the Week: Apple Blossom from Power of Flowers Deck (August 18, 2014)

Apple Blossom from Power of Flowers Deck (August 18, 2014) Tarot Card of the Week: Apple Blossom
(The Power of Flowers Book/Deck Set)

Apple blossoms sparkle, Like multitudes of tiny stars.
Teach me hope and faith, I pray,
So that I may offer your cosmic riches,
Each and every earthly day.

Latin: Malus communis

Color(s): White and Pink

Archetype: Astarte, Queen of the Stars. Astarte was the “true sovereign of the world,” perpetually destroying the old in order to give rise to the new. She ruled over all the stars in heavens, and as the mother of all star-children, gave birth to the mysterious prototype of the Virgin Mary.

Signature: In the spring, the apple tree produces blossoms in delicate pink and pure, five-petaled, white varieties. By their delightful fragrance and store of nectar, they attract swarms of bees, and as a result of this fertilization, the fruit develops, becoming in autumn the succulent, ripe apple.

Healing: You are offered a "star-filled" gift from the Apple Blossom. Astarte's association with Aphrodite and Venus, "the Morning Star," highlights the power of immense love and hope available to you during times of creative transformation. In Native American mythology, the Evening Star, wata-jis, heralds the emergence of the Starry Medicine Bowl in its full glory. Its presence is thought to offer a glimpse into the profound mysteries of life, death and rebirth. In many cultures, stars have come to represent hope, birth, and change. Astarte, for example, holds the golden star, while gazing with wonder into its magical depths, for she knows that the star is never stagnant. Five is the number of creative change, holding all potential within its holographic form. The star resides within the apple, a symbol of the feminine. Just as you must bite into an apple in order to expose its buried treasure, the star you must also go to the intuitive core of your psyche in order to re-imagine and create life anew. The star of hope that Astarte offers is not the whole answer, but in some elusive way, hope ushers in faith, and deep in our hearts we begin to believe that our "Morning Star will rise again."

The apple blossoms surrounding Astarte represent the flowering potential that is yours and yours alone. The medicine of the great Bowl of Stars surrounds you, as the cosmic canopy of lighted stars manifests visions of new hope. Deep in your own heart of hearts, lives the star Queen's love, rich and plentiful, helping you to cleanse your soul aura and emerge vibrant and healthy.

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