Tarot Card of the Week: The Nine of Swords (April 18, 2014)

The Nine of Swords (April 18, 2014)

The Nine of Swords
Inner Child Cards
by Isha Lerner

The Uranus/Pluto/Mars/Jupiter Grand Cross has been felt by many of my clients over the past week, especially with a magnetic Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. When I spread the cards tonight to choose the Tarot Card of the Week I was not surprised to see The Nine of Swords.

Look at the card carefully, and you will see the young lad, head down, sitting behind nine swords, as if imprisoned. Outside of the swords we see a dragon, with fire in his mouth, appearing fierce and intimidating.

Nine is a number of completion, and the swords, in the body of tarot, represent the mind, our thoughts, and possible fears. Once the boy lifts his head to greet the dragon, he will see that he can face his fears, and in time, realize, that the dragon is is not separate from his own True Self.

He must meet his own inner dragon, the fears and negative thoughts of the past, that are ready to be released. Once he is able to do so, the lad will liberate himself from the past, moving from the Nine to the Ten; the number of revelation.

This is the season of Revelations. We are born during this most auspicious time. We must not spend our days looking downward. We may lift our heads to view clearing the illusion of fear. Go for it! Set yourself free!

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