The New & Full Moon Forecast: Full Moon in Capricorn: Saturday July 12, 2014

Full Moon in Capricorn: Saturday July 12, 2014

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Welcome to the Capricorn Full Moon of July…

I have a few thoughts I’d like to share regarding this magnificent Full Moon as it relates to ‘adaptation,’ our changing world, and the cycle of evolution.

When a tree, plant, or flower enters survival mode or has completed its life cycle, hundreds of seeds are deposited in order that its species may survive. This natural tipping point is nature’s alchemy; a preverbal life, death, rebirth cycle inherently coded within all life forms.

Humanity is coded in similar fashion. Nature provides the mirroring of these natural rhythms from which we may draw wisdom, patience, surrender, and an eternal trust in the universe.

In observation, it appears humanity is undergoing a ‘baby boom’ emerging through a vast population of young souls who are seeding a new generation. One might wonder why anyone would want to birth a baby into this seemingly over-populated and chaotic world; however, in considering the laws of nature, we may understand this mysterious cycle of seeding. We’re at a tipping point, and nature calls upon us to join Her majestic journey into a ‘New Alignment’ with wild, primal, and timely adaptation. In doing so, we do what is necessary to survive.

We are experiencing Accelerated Vibration and Ruthless Energy which challenges the Structure of Status Quo as it relates to our bodies, the environment, economics, and the juxtaposition between paranormal and material worlds.

From a scientific perspective, adaptation is studied and examined in three fundamental patterns:
  • To survive and reproduce, all living organisms must adjust to conditions imposed on them by their environments.
  • Conformity between an organism and its environment constitutes what biologists call adaptation.
  • Adaptation involves coping not only with the physical abiotic environment (light, dark, temperature, water, wind), but also with the complex biotic environment (other organisms such as mates, competitors, parasites, predators, and escape tactics of prey).
Our minds have become the spearheads of evolution; the degree to which we progress depends upon the degree to which we use our intelligence and our consciousness to the fullest to understand the principles of survival and adjust to the changing world we are co-creating.

Thusly, in perfect order, this Full Moon opens the door for us to consider a New and Vital understanding of ‘Adaptation.’

As many have experienced, a potent grand cross including Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, and Mars has shaped-shifted the collective psyche for the last two years; harboring a laborious quest toward awakening. Rocked off our comfort zones, the magnetic field of planetary shift pushed against the status quo of personal and collective proportion. Changes have occurred and these changes will continue to ripple into the future. Thus, seeds have been planted and a New Germination of Consciousness has begun. I see this everyday, everywhere, and this is why I am so excited to share the Full Moon energies with you this month.

The Grand Cross remains active, however, there is a significant shift happening during this Full Moon. The planet Jupiter has been replaced by the Sun in Cancer, opposite the Full Moon in Capricorn, opening a portal doorway toward ‘Bright Consciousness.’ The Sun, in full glory, is shining its luminescent light into the square, offering us the opportunity to virtually ‘see’ what has been going on. The Sun brings consciousness forward, the moon, opposite in Capricorn, allows for a deep understanding of the emotional and creative content of these life changes.

We can nurture our lives with a structural New Plan. Capricorn loves a plan. Cancer adores the opportunity to water the seed of vision and grow the plan into being. A brilliant opportunity for New Birth has arrived. How do we adapt?

As mentioned above, when great changes occur, all of nature, including humanity, must adapt. Volumes have been shared in recent years regarding the juxtaposition between what it is to Survive or Thrive. Its been noted how beautifully we may choose the latter by aligning with a natural flow of life’s uncertainty amongst brilliant imperfections. Our ability to thrive in this ever-shifting climate depends upon our willingness to go further, deeper and wildly into the shift.

The Cancer Sun is expanding the liquid light within, clearing, cleaning, and purifying. Take this opportunity to examine what it is you wish to birth, and what you wish to let die away. Breathe, take a break, enjoy your body and cherish the little moments. Inner reflection can change your attitude in a second. Eat good food. Take a walk outside everyday. Sleep more and say YES to your dreams.

Explore the magic in the experience of this natural process of Adaptation. The changes you are experiencing are perfectly timed to the tune of a new generation and the timing of your life. It’s an amazing time to be alive. Let’s celebrate all that reflects this full potential to Thrive.

The Sabian Symbol for the Capricorn Full Moon at 20 degrees describes the bountiful expression of these possibilities:

21 degrees Cancer: A Relay Race

Keynote: The value of competition in developing group-consciousness

Dane Rudhyar writes:

Here we are no longer dealing with competition between individuals, but with competition between groups of individuals who take turns successively in order to maximize the group effort and the possibility of outstanding results. The whole of civilization is a fast kind of relay race in which groups of people and generations carry the torch of what we call “progress.” Major achievements result from the sum total of human strivings.

This symbol emphasizes the dynamic value of ‘group performance.’ Also emphasized is the value of ‘give and take.’ One must seek to relate and adjust one’s strength to the challenge presented by competitors in DYNAMIC INTERCHANGE.

~The competition may be seen as the survival of the fittest…move with the flow of evolution and no one loses or wins…it’s a group endeavor of natural flow.

Love be in your heart,

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