The New & Full Moon Forecast: The Full Moon of Aries-Libra April 15, 2014

The Full Moon of Aries-Libra April 15, 2014

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Blood Full Moon 2014

The Full Moon of Tuesday April 15, 2014 – energizing 26 degrees of Aries and Libra at 12:43AM PDT – is one of the most formidable solar-lunar crescendos of this or any year. There are several reasons for this potency.

First, this Sun-Moon interaction is the fulfillment phase of what began as a New Moon in Aries on March 30 – just a little over two weeks ago. At that time, the Sun and Moon were united in the sky while the planet of intuitive awareness, radical change, eccentricity, surprises and shocks – Uranus – was only 2 degrees away from the solar-lunar embrace. Thus, a strong contingent of Uranian themes and archetypes were being released into the human family, and it has been our job as human souls during the past two weeks to try to handle the electrifying impulses coming from this highly unpredictable celestial body.

However, on Monday April 14 – during the 24-hour build-up before the Full Moon occurs – there are over 13 powerful solar, lunar and planetary alignments happening in the heavenly domain, with each one and the total combination adding tensions or support to the psychic atmosphere influencing our species as well as the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms on our fragile home base in the solar system.

You also need to factor in that this Full Moon is often called the Shamballa Festival in esoteric circles, at spiritual communities, and by those who believe that the Will of God is anchored on Earth in a mysterious center, mostly invisible to human sight, in the Far East. Along with the Full Moons of Taurus (the Wesak or Buddha Festival) and Gemini (the Festival of Humanity), the Shamballa Festival reminds all of us that a large group of divine beings and advanced human teachers is seeking to enlighten our consciousness, and accentuate the healing presence of love-wisdom and goodwill during the first three Full Moons of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

There are yet two more synchronicities that make the April 15 Full Moon a time of enormous significance. Accompanying the solar-lunar polarity on either side of the Earth is the largest asteroid, Ceres – in its annual opposition to the Sun about two hours before the Full Moon while in its monthly conjunction with the Moon just about ten minutes before the Full Moon. Therefore, the themes of Ceres – Mother Nature, productivity, agriculture and gardening, food and nutrition, care-giving and nurturance, parent-child relationships – are being illuminated in our minds and hearts at this time.

Last, but not necessarily least, only four minutes after the Full Moon arrives, the Total Eclipse of the Moon occurs at 12:47AM PDT. For a couple of hours before and after this moment, the Moon will appear to go through various phases of reflected sunlight and darkness as the Earth’s shadow passes over the Moon’s land mass facing us. Traditionally in the field of astrology, this linking up of the two lights with the fate-and-destiny oriented Lunar Nodes or Orbit of the Moon – to create a Total Lunar Eclipse – adds elements of intrigue, fascination, and magic to the actual line-up of the Sun, Earth, and Moon.

Ultimately, this Full Moon of Aries-Libra places an emphasis on how each of us can let go of selfish urges, strive to be a unique individuality with dynamic leadership and charismatic skills, and, in so doing, strengthen the society and civilization of which we are a holistic part in this lifetime.

As always in the hours preceding any Full Moon, it is wise to meditate, in individual or group format, sending your healing thoughts and prayers to dear ones and friends in all the kingdoms gracing our beleaguered planet. A keynote that you may find useful at this time and associated with the higher essence of fiery Aries is: I come forth, and from the plane of mind I rule.

A note from Isha:
The astrological climate is stirring the cosmos...our bodies must remain in balance. If you have been walking a conscious path then you are awake, aware, and prepared for this time of transformation. Go to the center of the axis where stillness within the chaos resides. Release, Restore, and not hang on to the past. We are the stewards of Hope, Faith, and Purpose. All oneness.

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